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How to Unfollow on Twitch

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Most people will find at some point that they simply aren’t watching all the channels they’ve followed on the Twitch app, and that may mean it’s time to clean up your Twitch account. If you want to focus on supporting your favorite content creators, you may decide you want to mass unfollow other channels.

If you’ve noticed that your Twitch page is full of streamers that you no longer engage with, take it as a sign that you need to clean up your account. This post is here to help show you exactly how to unfollow someone on Twitch, whether through desktop or mobile.

How to Unfollow on Twitch on Desktop

You may not realize how many streamers you follow until you visit the Twitch website. There may be so many live channels in your left-hand sidebar that you can’t easily find the streams you want to watch. Fortunately, you can go through the complete list of Twitch streamers who have supported in the past so that you can unfollow channels you no longer are watching.

If you want to unfollow Twitch channels on your desktop, follow the steps we have detailed in this post:

  1. Step 1

    The first thing you need to do to unfollow a streamer’s channel is head to your Twitch follow directory and sign in to your Twitch account.

  2. Step 2

    bob ross twitch follow

    Scroll through the list until you find the Twitch channel name you are looking to unfollow. (Most recent follows will be at the top).

  3. Step 3

    bob ross twitch unfollow

    Mouse-over the channel and click on the green heart icon to the bottom left of it and you will see it turn into a red broken heart icon to show that you have successfully unfollowed.

    unfollow on Twitch channel

    You can also unfollow a channel by visiting it and clicking the green heart button next to the subscribe button. Again, it will turn into a broken heart, allowing you to know that you have successfully unfollowed that specific channel.

  4. Step 4

    Repeat the process to mass unfollow all the channels that you no longer want to watch. Not only will this clear your Twitch dashboard when you visit the website, but you will receive fewer notifications when someone on Twitch goes live.

How to Unfollow Someone on Twitch on Mobile

You can also easily unfollow someone on Twitch from the Twitch mobile app. Many Twitch users prefer to engage with streamers and communities from their mobile devices. Whether you are between classes or just watching a streamer while you are laying in bed, you can take part in many great moments on the platform from the tiny screen.

That being said, you may find that you have to scroll through a long list of channels to find the streamer you want. To make things easier in the future, you will want to unfollow people that you no longer enjoy as much.

If you want to unfollow someone on the Twitch mobile app, follow these steps:

  1. Step 1

    Open the Twitch mobile app on your mobile device and sign in if you haven’t already.

  2. Step 2

    twitch mobile followed channels

    Make sure you have the “following” tab selected at the bottom left of your screen and start scrolling down searching for the channel through the “Live channels” section.

    If their channel is not currently live you will need to continue scrolling all the way down until you find the “Offline channels” section and locate them there.

    Alternatively, you can use the search bar at the top right of your screen to streamline finding the channel that you want to unfollow.

    unfollow twitch mobile
  3. Step 3

    If the channel is offline make sure you are scrolled to the top, press the heart icon and it will bring up a prompt to unfollow the channel. Tap the unfollow button.

    bob ross unfollow mobile twitch

    If the channel is online, there will be no visible heart to press, to make one appear you must touch on the screen where the stream is visible and it will temporarily make the heart button visible below. Once it’s visible press the heart and select yes when it prompts you if you’d like to unfollow.

  4. Step 4

    Continue to scroll through the pages until you have unfollowed every person you no longer want to view on the Twitch app.

Your account on the app will the same as the one on the website of your favorite desktop browser. This means, that you won’t have to unfollow any Twitch channel twice. Once you unfollow a person on your phone, it will sync with the desktop version, clearing up your following tab in both places.

Main Reasons that Viewers Unfollow on Twitch

There are a number of reasons that viewers may wish to unfollow a Twitch stream. If you are a streamer who is losing followers, this may help you understand some of the reasons your followers are leaving your channel.

That being said, many people unfollow channels from time to time just to clean out their following page. Don’t take someone unfollowing your channel too personally. Some of the typical reasons a user will unfollow someone on Twitch will include:

  1. Channel No Longer Holds Appeal

    Some viewers may find themselves no longer enjoying the content produced by the streamer. People can have their opinions and what they enjoy change, or the stream could go down a different path with new styles of game that don’t resonate with all viewers.

  2. Wrong Time

    The Schedule of the creator or consumer changing can mean that it is no longer viable for the viewer to tune in to any streams.

  3. Controversial Comments

    Controversial comments could have been made by the streamer or in their chat that you simply do not want to be a part of or support.

  4. Channel Growth

    Stream growth can sometimes lower engagement with individuals in chat and oftentimes people enjoy the direct contact with the streamer, so when they outgrow that it can be time to move on. When you think about it, while it may sting to lose some followers without notice, a channel’s success is a good reason to earn each unfollow for this reason.

  5. Follow-for-Follow

    Some Twitch users can get caught in a follow-for-follow situation where they were not followed back, or perhaps they no longer want to support follow-for-follow schemes.

  6. Too Many Notifications

    Some followers may start becoming annoyed with a channel’s notifications. Instead of taking the steps to turn off these notifications, they may choose to unfollow someone on Twitch.


We hope that this post has helped you understand how to unfollow someone on Twitch so that you can clear out your following tab. This will allow you to scroll through the website and only see the online and offline channels you truly want to support on the platform.

Regardless of the reasons why you have chosen to unfollow people on Twitch, you will always be able to refollow them in the future if you wish. All you have to do is visit their page and re-click the purple heart button to officially rejoin their community.

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