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Which XSplit License Should You Choose? [Discount Code]

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XSplit offers a suite of video and live streaming tools that can either be used for free with limitations or purchased with a license. In this article, we will be covering the advantages and disadvantages of different license tiers to help you make the decision as to which XSplit license is right for you.

Types of XSplit Licenses

Each license that XSplit offers has different features for the software that they provide. There are 3 different paid licenses for XSplit, each with access to different apps premium features.

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  1. Free License Pros and Cons

    The main advantage of the free license is that it doesn’t cost anything! This means you can try out XSplit, get a feel for the environment and make a decision later if you want to upgrade. Unfortunately, the free version is rather limited compared to the paid license.

    In XSplit Broadcast, you’re limited to 4 scenes and there’s a watermark on your broadcast if you stream over 720p. Plus you can’t use transitions, and anything you capture or record will be watermarked if over 30 fps. Also, you cannot natively stream to multiple platforms, unlike paid licenses.

    There are a few other limitations of a free XSplit Broadcast license. You can use VCam for free and have access to all of its features but there will be a watermark on your video feed. Finally, with a free license, you cannot use any content that you make with XSplit products for commercial reasons.

  2. VCam License Pros and Cons

    VCam Premium costs between $8 to $2.50 a month depending on the term of your contract. Alternatively, you can get a lifetime license for $60.

    With a license for VCam, you will be able to use the software for commercial purposes and there will no longer be a watermark on your video feed. If you don’t need it for commercial reasons and the watermark doesn’t put you off, then there’s no need to upgrade to premium.

    Something to bear in mind is that even if your webcam has microphone capabilities such as if you’re using a smartphone, VCam will not handle the audio for you and only receives the video feed from your device.

  3. Broadcaster Premium License Pros and Cons

    You can buy a lifetime license for Broadcaster Premium for $200 or pay between $5 and $15 a month. It allows you to create unlimited scenes and your streams/recordings are no longer watermarked over 720p.

    If you plan to use XSplit broadcast long term it would be wise to invest in a license mainly due to the free version being limited to 4 scenes. This would only give you space for a starting soon, be right back, gameplay, and just chatting scene with no room for duplicates, variants, or game-specific scenes.

    A paid license also gives you access to native multi-streaming, source transitions, a preview editor, and more.

  4. Premium Bundle Pros and Cons

    The premium bundle gives you fully licensed access to all of the XSplit suite of apps: Broadcaster, VCam, Connect WebCam, Presenter, and Capture. It costs between $6 to $20 a month or $230 for a lifetime license to all the software.

    If you only want access to VCam and Broadcaster, this bundle is still better value than buying the two licenses individually. Plus, you get additional software on top that may help in the future.


A free license is great for testing out software to see if it’s the right fit for you and your needs. If you find yourself enjoying what XSplit has to offer and want to use it long-term a premium license is worth the cost – particularly for a lifetime license so you don’t need to worry about a subscription. Whether you go for Broadcaster, VCam, or the bundle we hope that this article helped you make a decision on which license is right for you.

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