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Twitch Thots – Why Twitch Won’t Ban Them

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Twitch started out as an extension of Justin.tv and was created to stream games. As the market began to change, Twitch added more categories, including a Just Chatting category. Around that time, there was an influx of “hot girls” who became big on Twitch, who were labeled “Twitch Thots.”

What is a Twitch Thot?

In 2012, the word “Thot” was added to the urban dictionary as an anagram to “that ho over there,” and is used as slang to describe a woman who is acting “sexually promiscuous.” A Twitch Thot is a woman who dresses or acts provocatively on the Twitch platform to gain attention and to attract donations and subs to their channel.

The term has been used to harass many female streamers, especially those who are attractive and who have built a large following on Twitch. Many “hot tub streamers” have also been labeled with the term.

Notable “Twitch Thots”

While many have come and go, there are two streamers who are typically referred to when the term “Twitch Thot” is used; Alinity and Amouranth. These two well-known women have been accused of stretching or outright breaking Twitch’s rules, specifically the rules about sexual content.

Many people in the Twitch community have become angry that they have received “slaps on the wrist” at most, making users assume that Twitch isn’t acting due to them being “hot women.” 


Alinity (Natalia Mogollon) is a controversial streamer originally from Colombia who streams on the “Just Chatting” channel and plays Apex Legends. Many of the complaints against her are that she also seems to dodge bans left and right. Here are a few of the things that she has done live without being banned:

  • Showed and adjusted her underwear while live
  • Took a picture of her butt on stream
  • Showed a picture of a penis from her Discord while live
  • Tossed her cat, Milo, over her head
  • Allegedly used the N-word (it is likely she said something else)
  • Spitting vodka into the mouth of a cat 

Due to her cat incidents, there was a lot of controversy in December 2019, when she was leaning over and her dog nuzzled into her privates. PETA even spoke out against her in a tweet that has since been removed. 

Why was PETA’s tweet removed? While it isn’t clear, it may be due to the fact that they heard the fuller story and that Alinity welcomed authorities into her home after these events to let them see that she doesn’t intend on hurting her animals.

In early July 2020, Alinity went on HealthyGamerGG to talk to Dr K. During the interview, she went over several of her past incidents and gave context to several. While some members in the Twitch community will still carry their pitchforks against her, many came to realize that their constant harassment toward her has been out of line (even before the initial interview).

While Pokimane spoke out and said she believes Alinity avoids bans by preemptively talking to her manager about an “oopsie” when one occurs. People who are still frustrated point out that many people have been banned for doing less than Alinity has done, while she has avoided strikes on her account.

One of the theories behind why she gets off so often is that she has information about Twitch staff members that keep her safe. It is likely, however, that she does have a good manager who works on her behalf and she does tackle the drama head-on and accepts the responsibility for it.


Amouranth (Kaitlyn Siragusa) is known for her dance, ASMR, and cosplaying streams. She will often stream IRL while she is doing things on the go. She dresses very provocatively and in January 2020, she was kicked out of a thrift store and Bed Bath and Beyond while dressed as a french maid

In September 2019, Amouranth was on the floor with her dog doing an ASMR clip and exposed her genitals for several seconds, for which she was banned for three days. When she was released from her ban, she posted a clip of herself crawling out of a cage labeled Twitch Jail. 

Amouranth has been called out for a lot of “sexual content” over the years but remains on the platform. She has also admittedly tried to keep her marital relationship a secret to ensure that she gets more views. Amouranth would tell her viewers that she was single, but her relationship was exposed by L of the Day:

Why Are Twitch Thots a Thing?

While the phrase “sex sells” has been overused, it is still true. In 2017, Twitch released a few stats, including one that stated that the demographic of Twitch users were predominantly male (81.5%). Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the majority of men enjoy looking at attractive women. 

In a market that is predominantly male, it is harder for a woman to be seen as a viable gamer in her own right. Even women who don’t go out of their way to “show skin” get labeled as a Twitch Thot if they manage to grow an audience. It should be remembered that labeling anyone anything is problematic because it makes it easier for others to harass and label people as well.

“Pokimane Nude” is Searched on Google Over 100,000 Times Per Month

Are thirsty viewers to blame? Absolutely. While it’s easy to blame what is seen as “attention-seeking behavior” on female streamers the undeniable truth is this kind of conduct is encouraged by a lot of male viewers who make up over 80% of the platform’s user base.

Pokimane is one of Twitch’s most popular streamers and abides by Twitch’s TOS and produces content acceptable for all ages. Despite this, trolls frequent her stream on a daily basis spamming “Thicc”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Twitch Thots a Threat to Twitch?

Whether or not Twitch Thots is a threat to Twitch is debated in Twitch communities all over the internet. Those against them point out that they have deflected from the original mission of the platform, while others point out that viewers are free to choose what they want to see. 

The controversies have created drama and Twitch has received a few losses from it. Overall, however, Twitch has earned a fair bit of revenue off of women like Alinity and Amouranth, who are both popular in their own right and in their own ways. While it isn’t their main source of income (as gaming channels still receive far more views), there is a reason why the platform keeps these women around. 

Are Twitch Thots Against Twitch ToS?

Most of the time, women who dress provocatively on Twitch aren’t technically breaking any rules as Twitch has a fairly lax dress code. While they may be dressing that way in order to attract viewers, it isn’t against Terms of Service. If they cross the line into acting suggestively, they are breaking rules and may be banned. 

Why Doesn’t Twitch Ban Thots?

While Twitch will hand out the occasional ban to a woman acting suggestively, especially if that woman flashed someone or used her phone as a sex toy, most of the time these bans are short and the account is reinstated. 

When asked about this at TwitchCon 2019, the CEO, Emmett Shear, had a few thoughts on the matter. The video was deleted, but two clips remain. (Clip 1, Clip 2)

In these clips, he essentially said that while “mistakes” can be made when people are banned or not banned, Twitch tries to look at intent. When guidelines are not intentionally broken, they may not ban you for long. 

These statements left a lot of people who have followed recent Twitch news shaking their heads. Twitch will cover their tracks with any excuse to allow these women to continue streaming, regardless of how other broadcasters feel about it. Many have spoken up about it, and several are becoming angry and frustrated. 

One responder to Emmett Shear’s take on how the company he heads deals with bans was Ninja. After Ninja left Twitch in August, Twitch modified his channel to show other streams on the platform. Shortly after, Ninja tweeted that the top stream posted on his old channel was pornographic content. Twitch later explained away their error but reverted his channel back to how it should have been. In another tweet after TwitchCon, Ninja pointed out Alinity’s violation of throwing her cat over her head.

Historically, there has seemed to be a lot of “untouchable” Twitch streamers – both male and female. While this truth seemed quite obvious to the rest of Twitch, the company itself didn’t seem to want to address it with honesty or integrity. 

In June 2020, however, the company began to take sexual harassment allegations seriously and banned several prominent Twitch streamers. And as far as “untouchable” streamers go, while it is still unknown why he was banned, Twitch removed the hugely popular DrDisrespect from their platform.

Are Twitch Thots Stealing Views?

One of the major complaints among smaller streamers is that “Twitch Thots” are stealing their views, but in reality, this isn’t the case. Most of the top streamers on Twitch are male and most of the viewers on Twitch come to watch gameplay. Yes, women who show off a bit of skin will get views, but their audience is there to see them, not watch skilled Fortnite players. 

The only instance in which a woman could be “stealing” viewers is if the two of you were completely equally matched in skill, entertainment value, and branding and someone simply chose her over you because they found her more attractive. The way you can “steal” those viewers back is by improving your entertainment value overall. 

Are Twitch Thots Affecting Other Female Streamers?

A common complaint from female streamers who want to grow their channels organically is they are harassed for not showing skin. Viewers will come into their channel and call them thots or other slurs or assume they are there to hook viewers into their Snapchat, Instagrams, or private pages. 

As a female gamer, I understand this. I enjoy playing games but I’m not doing it as a way to get male attention. Like many other gamer-girls, I have received more than enough DMs asking me for things or calling me names just because I’m a woman. It isn’t fun and it isn’t flattering for most girls. 

Just because you are a woman streamer doesn’t mean you have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable. If you are entertaining and strengthen your gaming skills, you can build an audience who enjoys you for your personality and content. 

For example, at the time of this writing, Loeya is currently the top female Fortnite streamer. She uses her skill, personality, and branding to get views. While she is very pretty, she doesn’t dress provocatively and she doesn’t put up with misogyny. She also manages to stay out of all the drama.

Find a way to build your channel the way you want it built. If you want to (and are comfortable) “showing off skin” knowing that you could potentially bring in some toxicity to your channel, do it. Your brand is yours to build and you get to choose what aspects of yourself that you want included in it.

How Should You Treat a Woman Streaming on Twitch?

I understand why some people have issues against women who act provocatively on Twitch for a number of reasons, one being that a large number of viewers are underage. However, I don’t understand the need to go out of your way to call someone a name or to disrespect them in another way or to point out “what they are doing.” Believe me, they know what they are doing. They don’t need you to tell them. 

Everyone should be treated with respect. If you don’t like what someone is doing, scroll past them and find someone you enjoy. In many cases, calling someone out on something you don’t like will backfire on you. If you don’t want them to have attention, don’t give it to them. 

Is Twitch Thot an Appropriate Term?

Personally, I don’t like the term “thot” and initially struggled with the idea of writing this article. It is commonly used in a way that objectifies women and isn’t a word I would normally throw around casually. Ultimately, this is a hot topic and many of these questions are frequently asked, so we knew we needed to touch on the subject. 

On the other hand, some women have reclaimed the word for themselves. In fact, Third_Artifact has created a weekly talk show called “Thot Talks” where women discuss a variety of topics. While these women don’t generally “dress provocatively,” they do understand the culture of Twitch.

How Do People Get Labeled a Twitch Thot?

Many women on Twitch have been called a Twitch Thot, regardless of whether or not they act provocatively. However, “Twitch Thot Purists” look for the following features before labeling someone:

  • An attractive woman who poses seductively or dresses provocatively on stream
  • A woman who exposes her “private” body parts
  • Neglect for Twitch Terms of Service or rules
  • Will often flirt or beg for money on camera, or will act silly for attention
  • When someone points out what they are doing, they will act innocent or unaware of it or point out that the other person is “sexist” and has issues


While there are several controversies surrounding women who stream provocatively on Twitch, ultimately it is up to you to decide whether or not you want to watch it or stream that way. 

About the Author


Luci is a novelist, freelance writer, and active blogger. A journalist at heart, she loves nothing more than interviewing the outliers of the gaming community who are blazing a trail with entertaining original content. When she’s not penning an article, coffee in hand, she can be found gearing her shieldmaiden or playing with her son at the beach.

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