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What to Stream on Twitch [Ideas Mega List]

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When it comes to what you should stream on Twitch, the most important factor in deciding what to stream is choosing content that matches your skill set and what you enjoy doing. The list of common activities and games to stream is endless.

When it comes to what you should stream on Twitch, the most important factor in deciding what to stream is choosing content that matches your skill set and what you enjoy doing. The list of common activities and games to stream is endless. 

Twitch Stream Ideas

  1. Just Chatting
  2. FPS Games
  3. MOBA Games
  4. MMO Games
  5. Party Games
  6. Indie Games
  7. Community Games
  8. Strategy Games
  9. Art Stream 
  10. Music Stream

How to Decide What to Stream on Twitch

When deciding what kind of content you want to create on Twitch the first step is to determine your primary streaming goals. Why is it that you want to stream and what do you want out of it? Consider the following:

  • Do you want to bring in the most viewers? 
  • Are you looking for new friends (either with viewers or other streamers)?
  • Want to play something you love with your existing community or try something new?
  • Do you want to teach others how to play your favorite game well?

Here are a few popular streaming activities on Twitch to help you decide what’s best for your channel:

Just Chatting on Twitch

“Just Chatting” is a category on Twitch that covers a lot of activities, but the main focus is that you should be chatting and engaging with your community. Arguably, every channel should use this category at least once or twice per stream to check-in with regulars, gauge how your audience is enjoying the broadcast, and boost community spirit. 

eljayem mod view
Eljayem_ chats with his viewers at the beginning of each stream.

While Just Chatting is a popular category and smaller streamers won’t be found in it without narrowing down their searches, it is a good way to connect with a broader audience or transition between two different games. 

Just Chatting streams generally have the following in common:

  • Connecting with the audience 
  • No dead air as the streamer keeps creating content
  • Ability to dictate the pace and engage with viewers by asking the right questions

Why New Streamers Should Try Just Chatting

A lot of new streamers tend to hide behind a game as they learn how to stream. In a way, they are hoping that the game will do a lot of the entertaining for them and will do less talking. The Just Chatting category forces them to get out of their comfort zones and learn to keep talking even if there isn’t an active community yet. 

To build an audience one of the best categories to get familiar with is Just Chatting. If you can master talking on stream, then people will start talking with you, which means they are more likely to stay around and eventually follow and subscribe. A just Chatting stream will get you less reliant on a game for content and build a stronger connection with your viewers.

How to Stream FPS Games

FPS (First Person Shooter) Games are arguably the most popular thing to watch on stream. On the flip-side, they are also one of the most popular genres to stream, making it harder to stand out among your competition. 

If you want to grow a following playing popular FPS games (such as Fortnite), you will need to have above-average skills to grow your audience. Your Twitch branding and entertainment value should also be on point. 

Best FPS Games to Stream

The following list covers ten approximate game streaming stats from the first quarter of 2020: 

GameHours WatchedHours StreamedAverage ViewersViewer RatioAverage Live Channels
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive171,256,6934,079,29779,285421,888
Escape From Tarkov121,744,1473,020,11956,36340.31,398
Apex Legends65,245,0935,082,18430,20612.82,352
Doom Eternal11,461,484398,3425,30628.8184
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six76,1244,8403515.72
Team Fortress 2600,75679,3422787.636
Battlefield 205,55138,682955.317
Call of Duty36,68618,3961628

Playing games with a higher viewer to streamer ratio will make it easier for your channel to be found by viewers looking for new content. It is harder to be found when streaming oversaturated games

Tip: If you are first starting out and want to be strategic about getting viewers, you may want to try playing a game like Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six. While it doesn’t have nearly the hours watched as a game like Fortnite, there was an average of 2 channels streaming the game and it is more likely that people will see your channel. 

Who is the Audience for FPS Gaming Streams? 

The audience for FPS games is generally made up of younger people who value skilled, fast-action gameplay. They will gravitate toward highly ranked players or those with big personalities. 

Generally, fans aren’t interested in watching a streamer wait for a death timer. It’s highly recommended you have an above-average skill if you want to be successful and build a following.

Should You Stream FPS Games on Twitch? 

To determine if you should stream FPS games on Twitch, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you better than the average player of that game?
  • Do you typically have a positive kill/death ratio?
  • Are you hyped when you play FPS games?
  • Do you genuinely enjoy playing FPS games?
  • How can you brand your channel to help you stand out?

How to Stream MOBA Games

MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas) are also very popular games on Twitch. Viewers can watch fast-paced gameplay but don’t have to wait around when a player dies for the game to restart and avatars continue to respawn. For this reason, while skilled players are still able to pull viewership, your entertainment value tips the scale on whether or not you can grow a thriving community. 

Best MOBA Games to Stream

The following list covers ten approximate game streaming stats from the first quarter of 2020: 

GameHours WatchedHours StreamedAverage ViewersViewer RatioAverage Live Channels
League of Legends360,320,7388,720,608166,81541.34,037
DOTA 2125,671,5491,472,84158,18185.3681
Heroes of the Storm5,487,336210,5482,54026.197
Clash Royale3,436,30246,8861,59073.321
Arena of Valor703,95617,45932540.38
Heroes of Newerth440,45021,35220320.69

Who is the Audience for MOBA Streams? 

Your audience will be a combination of people who enjoy watching skilled-play, want to see how others play the various characters in the game, and who enjoy your banter with the community. They don’t enjoy a lot of downtime and prefer to see the action continue. 

Should You Stream MOBAs on Twitch?

Here are some things to consider when thinking about streaming MOBAs:

  • As each MOBA character has different abilities, you can always find new ways to make content, either by trying something new or mastering a specific role
  • Each game lasts between 15-45 minutes. People who only have a short amount of time will tune into your channel and enjoy themselves while on their break. The games fit perfectly in their schedule.
  • Games have good pacing, allowing you to continue to play while also being able to engage with your chat by telling stories or answering questions. 

How to Stream MMO Games

MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games are good for streamers who are natural storytellers and like to do more than one thing on their stream. Most MMOs have a variety of activities to keep you busy, allowing you to match the pace of your chat with your gaming activity. 

Best MMO Games to Stream

The following list covers ten approximate game streaming stats from the first quarter of 2020: 

GameHours WatchedHours StreamedAverage ViewersViewer RatioAverage Live Channels
World of Warcraft81,552,8213,142,29437,755261454
Old School RuneScape14,382,386319,5746,65845147
The Elder Scrolls Online7,109,896232,3553,29130.6107
Sea of Thieves6,428,201481,0152,97613.4222
Guild Wars 21,304,23295,85760313.644
Albion Online1,105,79369,0665111631
Blade and Soul557,16155,7012571025
The Lord of the Rings Online114,00513,695528.36

Who is the Audience for MMO Games

Your MMO audience will vary depending on the way that you play the MMO. Typically you will be watched by other people playing the same game or by people interested in learning how to play it. These people generally enjoy storytelling and becoming part of an overall community. 

Should You Stream MMOs on Twitch?

Here are some considerations on streaming MMOs:

  • MMOs can be grindy. Unless you are grinding in a more dangerous area, you will need to compensate for these boring sessions with good storytelling or another activity to keep your audience interested
  • Creating MMP YouTube tutorials are a great way to drive traffic to your channel. 
  • When a new MMO comes out, try to get toward the end game right away. People who are still grinding on lower levels will want to see what there is in the future. 
  • Your friends and companions on the game will become regulars on your show. Surround yourself with people who will help you create good content that aligns with your channel’s community.

How to Stream Party Games

Playing Party games with your viewers helps build a sense of community. You will naturally create channel memes and jokes that you can share into the future. Your core community is what will build your channel over time. They will want to see you grow and will do what they can to make that happen. 

LifeofCosplay played games with her viewers on her birthday stream, where she cosplayed as a potato. 

Best Party Games to Stream

The following list covers ten approximate game streaming stats from the first quarter of 2020: 

GameHours WatchedHours StreamedAverage ViewersViewer RatioAverage Live Channels
Marbles on Stream3,651,142110,5771,6903351
The Jackbox Party Pack 61,064,36260,12549217.727
The Jackbox Party Pack 3678,57577,2293148.835
Golf With Your Friends457,02023,42921119.510
The Jackbox Party Pack 5311,75516,92014418.47
The Jackbox Party Pack 4274,68822,40812712.310
The Jackbox Party Pack131,70315,603608.47
The Jackbox Party Pack 298,69015,636456.37
Party Hard6,36367629.4

Who is the Audience for Party Game Streams?

The audience for party games is people who enjoy community but may be stuck at home, are on vacation, or just don’t have anything to do on a particular night. They enjoy being part of the action and will actively seek out ways to be included. 

Should You Stream Party Games on Twitch?

Here are a few things you should consider about playing party games on Twitch:

  • Party games are a great way to bring new members to your community. People actively seek out these games. You can average a few new followers per stream, some of whom may join your community if they vibe with your content and personality. 
  • Party games are relatively short and can be completed in a number of minutes. This way you can include different viewers (by messaging join codes or posting them on your Discord server). 
  • Party games let you sit back, relax, and enjoy being part of a group. While you still need to navigate the channel and keep the content moving, you are no longer solely responsible for entertaining the group. 

How to Stream Indie Games

Indie games are a good way to find new followers. While there are fewer viewers searching for those channels, there is also less competition. People are likely to search through more channels until they find one they like, which means you can potentially find people who enjoy your content and community. 

Best Indie Games to Stream

The following list covers ten approximate game streaming stats from the first quarter of 2020: 

GameHours WatchedHours StreamedAverage ViewersViewer RatioAverage Live Channels
Stardew Valley3,201,211259,8981,48212.3120
Darkest Dungeon 1,193,14146,35855225.721
No Man's Sky647,24466,4102999.830
Untitled Goose Game316,3868,69914636.44
Green Hell233,51210,43010822.44
Graveyard Keeper211,63518,2269711.68
Katana ZERO178,0525,0098235.62

Who is the Audience for Indie Streams?

The audience for indie streams are people who are passionate about indie games. Those who play them are always ready to help, give you advice, and hype about the game you are playing. Many will play their own games while they watch you stream as they typically are paced where they can do two things at once. 

Should You Stream Indie Games on Twitch?

  • Many indie games move at a slower pace, allowing you to easily keep up with chat and interact with your viewers. 
  • Every indie game has a niche audience that enjoys other indie games. Moving through the genres will not only help you find new followers, people will want to hang out to find new games they enjoy.
  • Playing indie games can keep your channel growing over time, even if it seems relatively slow at first.  

How to Stream Community Server Games

Community server games are fun for your whole community. They are also a good way to casually entice people who rarely invest in channels to invest in yours, even if donations aren’t a requirement to play on the server. Your community members will become friends with each other while they play together and your channel will be what they thank for it. 

Best Community Server Games to Stream

The following list covers ten approximate game streaming stats from the first quarter of 2020: 

GameHours WatchedHours StreamedAverage ViewersViewer RatioAverage Live Channels
Stardew Valley3,201,211259,8981,48212.3120
7 Days to Die2,437,758235,8821,12810.3109
Arma 31,154,650168,7765346.878
Space Engineers489,86945,15422610.920

Who is the Audience for Community Server Games?

There are several types of people who could make up your audience with community server games. These may include:

  • People who enjoy playing games with friends but their real-life friends are into different games than they would like to play.  
  • People who like to help others learn a game and want an avenue to do so. 
  • Networkers looking to make new friends in the Twitch community
  • Gamers who are thinking about streaming and want to see an inside look
  • Gamers who want to be a part of a community but don’t know how to make their own
  • People who want to see their work showcased on a stream

Should You Stream Community Server Games?

Here are some things you should think about when deciding whether or not you should stream community server games:

  • Having a community server will require maintenance. If you have friends who are willing to act as mods, they can help you. Make sure to add rules to keep people civil. 
  • A community server is an additional expense and can be hard to maintain if you are brand new.
  • To avoid massive burnout, avoid always streaming the same game as your server. If you build your channel around your server, then get bored, you could lose the majority of your audience if you have never done anything else. 
  • If you enjoy playing games with new people, community servers are a great tool to do so. 

How to Stream Strategy Games 

If you enjoy puzzles or moving on the fly, you could look into strategy games. You can even involve your audience in some aspects of your gaming or explain your thought process while you decide your next move. Many people like to understand more about strategy games and will look for entertaining streamers who can also educate others. 

Best Strategy Games to Stream

The following list covers ten approximate game streaming stats from the first quarter of 2020: 

GameHours WatchedHours StreamedAverage ViewersViewer RatioAverage Live Channels
Sid Meier's Civilization V530,08126,19824520.212
Portal 2402,08436,6781861116
Crusader Kings II80,01310,840377.45
The Witness68,5718,249318.33
Age of Empires 248,7518,945225.54
The Room Three65,7471,9413033.9
Iron Harvest9,438604157.3
Mount and Blade: With Fire & Sword1,9534024.9

Who is the Audience for Strategy Games?

The audience for strategy games are people who enjoy that particular game or are looking to learn better strategies about beating the game. If you are an above-average chess player and have an engaging personality, you could grow your stream by playing games and explaining your thought process while you do it. There is a decent sized following for chess streams, but few good chess streamers. 

Should You Stream Strategy Games on Twitch?

Here are a few reasons why you should consider streaming strategy games on Twitch:

  • Even if you are in the process of learning a game, people will want to watch you. You should note, however, that if you don’t want their help, you need to state that clearly. 
  • If you enjoy puzzles, strategy, or board games, you will enjoy many strategy games
  • Many strategy games are paced enough that you can still engage with your audience.
  • There are many kinds of games available, some will be short and others will be long. You can decide whether or not you want to stream things that people can watch on their break or if you want to go for a saga that lasts a few weeks. 
  • Strategy games will be different every time, creating unique situations to keep things interesting. 

How to Stream Your Art on Twitch

You don’t necessarily have to play games on Twitch. Many people have taken their creativity to the platform and have shared it with their communities. If you are artistic and want to share your ability with the world, you can stream a variety of art styles from the comfort of your home.

Different Kinds of Art Streams

  • Fine arts – from painting to drawing to sculpting, you can create masterpieces on stream
  • Digital arts – whether you are creating a landscape or graphics for your channel, people will log on to watch how it’s done
  • Crafting – people have done everything between woodworking to needlepoint on camera
  • Culinary arts – a popular topic, chefs and home cooks alike create culinary feasts for their viewers
  • Body painting/cosplay – this pastime has become very popular on Twitch

Who is the Audience for Art Streams?

Art streams pull from a wide range of viewers. Some are artists who appreciate your technique, while others enjoy art but struggle to create it for themselves. Others enjoy chill streams where they can sit back with others and chat while you paint, draw, or create cute Twitch emotes for other streamers. 

Should You Stream Your Art on Twitch?

If you are already doing your art, it doesn’t take much more effort to join Twitch and set up your camera. You will be able to expand your viewership for your art and may potentially make money off of sales and commissions, not to mention subs and Twitch bits. 

You may also be able to make new friends who are into art and build a community around a particular style or craft. Create a Twitch Discord server so that you community can share pictures of their own work with you.

How to Stream Your Music

In the same way that art can be done on Twitch, music streams can also grow a large following. No matter what you play, showcasing your talents on stream can help you sell your music or earn additional funds on the side. You don’t even have to do it solo. Many bands will also perform frequently on Twitch. 

Different Kinds of Music Streams

Here are a few popular kinds of music streams on Twitch:

  • Solo artists – whether you are a vocalist or you play the guitar, piano, harp, drums, accordion or any other instrument, you can find an audience on Twitch
  • Bands – can’t find a local gig? Create your own on stream and grow your following online
  • DJs – party all day and night with lots of viewers who will dance to your mixes

Who is the Audience for Music Streams?

Many people will log on to watch a music stream. You will get people who enjoy your style of music, those who enjoy live sessions, people who are working and want to listen to something in the background, and more. 

Should You Stream Your Music on Twitch?

If you are talented vocally or with an instrument, you should definitely stream music on Twitch. Here are a few reasons why:

  • You can earn from your passion. Not only will you earn off of bits and subs, but when you get big enough, you can expand to take payment for special requests, live-learns, and passively earn through music sales on iTunes. 
  • Creating music on stream allows you to continually practice and expand your skill, generating confidence for the future


There are many things you can do on Twitch that are not on this list. If you are creative and proactive in finding your audience, you can create your own niche and potentially earn doing something that you love. 

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