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Twitch emotes are one of the most important aspects of growing your channel on Twitch. Well-designed emotes can entice viewers to subscribe to your channel so that they can interact with your community on a deeper level. You can also sync your Twitch and Discord accounts to allow your subs to use your emotes on your server. 

This post will go over Twitch’s emote size requirements and give you a few ideas on how to create your emotes.

Twitch Emote Size Requirements

meh twitch cat emote sizes

Twitch required you to upload PNG files in three different emote sizes. The needed sizes are 28px by 28px, 56px by 56px, and 112px by 112ps. The files should not be more than 25kb each and they should be uploaded with transparent backgrounds so that they look good when used in both light and dark mode. 

Twitch Emote Ideas

The best Twitch channel emotes are ones that resonate with your community but are also relevant enough to Twitch that they can be used on other streams. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • The Golden You Emote – one of the best easter eggs on the platform is the Golden Kappa emote. While Twitch won’t allow you to upload a golden version of the Kappa emote, you can create a meme version for yourself. Take a selfie of your best Kappa impersonation and give it the perfect gold finish. 
  • Community Memes – try to keep one or two spots available for memes that come up in your community. Eljayem’s community has a “right rat” emote which came from a meme generated from a Jackbox game. Kitboga also has a meme sign which literally changes the meme-o-meter on his screen when it is spammed in his chat. 
  • Panoramas – if you have multiple spots available, try to create a panorama emote. This would be similar to Twitch’s squid emotes, which can be strung together to create a larger image. Asmongold has 2-3 different panorama emotes. Try to keep yours to one line as it can sometimes be difficult for viewers to type two lines simultaneously. 
  • General Emotes – one of the best things about emotes is that they can convey so much. Try to make emotes that are similar to others used. This can include greeting, crying, and laughing emotes. You can also look at creating graphics that play off of popular Twitch Global emotes.

Twitch Emote Examples

Here are a few examples of good emote branding from real Twitch streamers:

Loeya has a range of channel emotes that mix images of herself and animated images. She also has two gun images that can easily be added on either side of any emote to make it look extra powerful. Many of the emotes express emotions or memes that can be used elsewhere on Twitch, such as the “loser” emote.

Geistra‘s emotes are primarily designed based on his pets. Animal emotes are very popular on Twitch as many people are drawn to cats and dogs. He has a couple that will work very well as meme emotes, such as the dog looking at a lewd magazine.

These emotes by DNP3 are perfectly designed for his channel. Not only do they utilize his electric brand colors that stand out and capture attention, but he uses commonly used Twitch lingo and has a panoramic emote (the rocket with the long-tail). These can be used on any other Twitch channel and act as a funnel back into his stream.

Lewpac‘s emotes all resemble each other. The crayon-esque designs fit together and show a lot of character and emotion. There is also a luck emote and a money emote.

As mentioned above, Kitboga has an emote that interacts with an element on his screen while he streams. A lot of his emotes directly correlate to his content in calling scammers. He also has coding emotes since he codes many of his programs while on stream.

Create BTTV emotes

If you have an active small community and have too many emote ideas for the number of slots you have available, create BTTV emotes. Share the codes with your viewers and let them enjoy your emotes all around Twitch.

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