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Live streaming can be an amazing way to produce content and build a community. However, much like any live media, there are certain regulations regarding what can and cannot be shown.

Twitch has a set of rules and community guidelines outlining what is and isn’t appropriate attire for its platform.

And, since Twitch is an Amazon-owned platform, their attire guidelines can be restrictive as they strive to appeal to a wider audience base.

Recently, in April 2020, the Twitch community guidelines were updated to more clearly define the dress code rules. These new guidelines cover as many scenarios and types of streaming content as possible.

What Can You Wear on Twitch?

The Twitch dress code is fully encompassing, with a few situational exceptions regarding certain types of content.

Standard Guidelines

  1. No partial or full nudity.

  2. No exposed underbust.

  3. Female streamers must cover nipples.

  4. All streamers must cover the area extending from their hips to the bottom of the pelvis and buttocks.

  5. No visible outline of genitalia.

  6. No partially see-through clothing in any restricted areas

Contextually acceptable content

  1. IRL streaming

    Content creators and their guests must follow the coverage requirements outlined in the community guidelines. However, it is sometimes hard to ensure that everyone you come across while live streaming in public will be within the attire policy. The streamer must take immediate action to remove content that breaks the rules.

  2. Swimming, beaches, concerts, festivals

    Swimwear that covers the genitals and the nipples of women is allowed. However, any explicit focus on these areas is still subject to Twitch’s sexually explicit content policy. All swimwear must be opaque, even when wet.

  3. Body art

    Full chest coverage is not required, but only when the content creator is actively engaged in painting. Women must cover their nipples and areolas with non-transparent clothing, or a paint and latex combination.

  4. Breastfeeding

    Exceptions to the rules are allowed when a streamer is actively breastfeeding.

Strictly banned

  1. No full or partially nude minors

  2. No sexually explicit or sexually suggestive content

  3. No streaming prohibited game content

Any of these will result in termination effective immediately.

Game Character Dress Code on Twitch

Game characters controlled by players must follow Twitch’s nudity and attire policy guidelines.

For scenes in video games where in game nudity is shown, the minimum amount of time to progress in the game is allowed.

If the streamer continues to show the mature content for longer than is necessary, action may be taken against the channel and its owner.

Can My VRChat Avatar be Nude on Twitch?

All VRChat avatars must follow the same new guidelines of nudity and attire as a real person.

This means no nudity and full coverage of the area extending from the hips to the bottom of the pelvis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Wear a Tank Top on Twitch?

If the tank top fulfills the coverage requirements set forth by the new rules in the nudity and attire policy.

Do You Have to Wear a Bra on Twitch?

If the shirt or overgarment is fully opaque (not see-through), all other restrictions outlined in the new rules are met.

Can You Wear a Sports Bra on Twitch?

Twitch does not permit exposed underbust, but other than that, cleavage is allowed if the other rules in the new policy are met.


The primary focus of Twitch’s guidelines is to protect minors and those that do not wish to be exposed to sexually suggestive content.

With many new faces joining Twitch, streams are expected to be well within the nudity and attire guidelines. Twitch’s stance is that there is no single assumed definition as to what

The previous policy’s reliance on an assumed shared understanding was not quite good enough for the recent growth of the platform. Old content was not as heavily moderated, and the platform hopes to create a new standard for streams in the future.

Keeping sexually suggestive material is a team effort, and streamers, content creators, and viewers should all help to keep the quality of the platform at the intended standard level outlined in the community guidelines.

For more clarification, check out Twitch’s policies here.

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