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Twitch Channel Points Ideas [Icons & Examples]

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Twitch channel points are an automatic feature that allows streamers to reward their active community member with small rewards or perks. There are a few rewards you can offer that are automated through Twitch. You can also offer custom rewards that you and your mods can manage on the channel.

What are Twitch Points?

Twitch points are given to viewers who view and interact with a streamer over time. The streamer is able to set up special awards or achievements for their viewers that range in varying amounts. Users are then able to spend those points to unlock these perks.

Twitch Channel Point Icons [Free and Premium]

Using good graphics for your Twitch channel point icons will help keep things interesting for your viewers. Try to pick or create icons that are both visually appealing and relate to the reward your viewers will pick. Here are our top picks on where you can get icons:

twitch channel points
  • Own3d – Own3d has a large volume of channel point icons on their website. Simply browse through fruits, swords, ninjas, and many other graphics to find what you need for your channel.
  • Fiverr – If you want something custom made, look at Fiverr. The platform is full of digital designers who are willing to make you something branded for a small fee.
  • Twitch Icons – Twitch actually has a list of icons that you can download and use for free on your channel. From lightbulbs to chess pieces, there are several options you can use depending on your rewards.

How to set up Twitch Channel Points

To set up Twitch channel points, you must be an Affiliate or a Twitch Partner. Here is how you can set up Twitch channel points:

Step 1: Go to your Twitch Dashboard. 

Step 2: Toggle the “Enable Channel Points” to activate it

Step 3: Click the “Manage Rewards” tab to open up the list of individual rewards. 

eljayem point rewards 1

Step 4: Re-order the automated Twitch Point Rewards and determine how many rewards you want for each one. 

Step 5: Add custom rewards that will appeal to your followers and help your community create memes together. 

Twitch Channel Points Hack -AutoClicker

While there is no way to truly hack the system to get more or unlimited points, you can make the task of earning points easier and more efficient by using an aut0clicker. All you need to do is install the autoclicker plug-in, and it will claim the additional channel points for you as they pop up.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Visit the AutoClicker plugin page.

Step 2: Add the extension to your browser

Step 3: Sit back and enjoy your stream while the extension does all the work.

List of Automated Twitch Channel Point Rewards

The automated awards that Twitch set into place are as follows:

  • Modify a Single Emote – allows users to make specific moderations to any available emotes
  • Send a Message in Sub-Only Mode – allows the viewer to send a message, even if sub-only chat is activated
  • Highlight My Message – highlights a message, making it stand out more in chat
  • Unlock a Random Sub Emote – gives the user a random sub emote that they can use for 24 hours
  • Choose an Emote to Unlock – allows the user to pick the sub emote of their choice to unlock for 24 hours
custom rewards twitch points 1

How to Use Twitch Channel Points

Use your channel points as a way to interact with your viewers. Incorporate your channel memes into them. Shortly after I started streaming, I visited another streamer’s channel where one of the points options was “spilled their coffee.” It was used by her audience in the same way you would use a fail emote. This inspired me to create the “spilled their milk” reward for my channel based on a community joke we share about strawberry milk. 

Create rewards that people will want to use and make sure that you respond to them. If you react in an entertaining way, your audience will want to use them more frequently and will interact with your channel and chat more as a way to build them up. 

Twitch Channel Point Ideas

Here are a few ideas for channel points:

  • Time Someone Out
  • Plays a popular Theme Song [Final Fantasy, Minecraft, etc]
  • Streamer does 5-star jumps 
  • Pick the ending song
  • Drop a weapon
  • Play with a streamer on the next round
  • Truth or Dare (have rules to make sure that nothing against terms of service is requested)
  • Request a song
  • Pick who to raid at the end of the stream

How many Twitch Channel Rewards Should you have?

Aim to have 6-9 channel rewards on your channel. Having too few will get boring while having too many could become complicated to track properly. Using the automated emotes and a few custom ones allows your viewers to have a good range and keep track of what they want to save points for. 

How Much Should Twitch Rewards Cost?

You should price your Twitch rewards between 300 – 20,000 points. While you should have some big-ticket items, set a few at a lower cost to allow newcomers to get into the game and start spending some points. 

Try and have rewards of varying channel point cost starting small and easily achievable. This will allow new members to start using their points fairly soon after going into your channel, giving them a subconscious sense that they belong.

Can You Gift Twitch Channel Points?

You cannot give or take away any Twitch channel points from viewers in your channel. They are earned while watching and interacting with the community as long as they are on Twitch. Viewers will not earn points if they are watching an embedded stream on another site. 

Do Streamers Get Money from Channel Points?

Streamers don’t get money from channel points. The points were created to encourage viewers to watch your channel for longer and type in the chat. As it doesn’t cost the viewer anything to earn any extra points, there is no added financial benefit to the streamer. 


Twitch channel points are a good way to gamify your channel and allow your viewers to have fun while watching you. It is also a good way to allow followers who don’t support your channel occasionally use your emotes. 

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