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While there are hundreds of games to stream on Twitch there are also many that are blacklisted from the platform. Typically games are banned for the following reasons:

  • Explicit sexual activity
  • High-Graphic violence
  • Adult themes

Why are Some Games Banned on Twitch?

Twitch has users of all ages and needs to keep its content relatively “family-friendly.” While streamers are asked to use a “mature” setting if they stream graphic content or swear, smoke, or drink while streaming, there is nothing that genuinely prevents an underaged person from accessing the content. 

It is true that Twitch has been criticized for punishing some streamers for accidental content while turning a blind eye to top streamers that are repeat offenders in saying racial slurs or dressing provocatively on stream. Overall, however, the platform tries to draw some lines in the sand that shouldn’t be crossed, and one of these. 

Some games (like Rust) are still allowed on Twitch despite violence and nudity. These games have been looked at on a case-by-case basis. Streamers can get in trouble when they focus on nudity or other explicit content. Still, there isn’t any trouble if they play the game without special attention to darker aspects. 

Games That are Rated “Adults Only” That are Banned on Twitch

GameRatingViolence/GoreStrong LanguageNudity/Sexual ContentAlcohol/DrugsGambling
All Nude CyberAdultX
All Nude GlamourAdultX
All Nude NikkiAdultX
Body LanguageAdultX
Critical PointAdultXX
Crystal FantasyAdultX
Cyber PhotographerAdultX
Ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two AdultXXX
Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Director's CutAdultXXXX
Grand Theft Auto: Sans AndreasAdultXXXX
Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude Uncut and uncensoredAdultXXX
Lula 3DAdultXXX
Manhunt 2AdultXXXX
Peak Entertainment CasinosAdultX
Playboy Screensaver: The Women of PlayboyAdultX
Playboy the Mansion: Private PartyAdultX
Riana RougeAdultXX
Seduce MeAdultXXX
GameRatingViolence/GoreStrong LanguageNudity/Sexual ContentAlcohol/DrugsGambling
Snow DropAdultX
The Joy of SexAdultX
Thrill KillAdultX
Tokimeki Checkin!Adult X
Water Closet: The Forbidden ChamberAdultX
WET - The Sexy EmpireAdultX

UnRated Games that Are Banned on Twitch 

GameRatingViolence/GoreStrong LanguageNudity/Sexual ContentAlcohol/DrugsGambling
Artificial Girl 1,2, & 3UnratedX
Artificial Academy 1 & 2UnratedX
Battle RapeUnratedX
Cobra ClubUnratedX
Criminal GirlsUnratedXXX
Dramatical MurderUnrated XX
Ethnic CleansingUnratedX
Genital JoustingUnratedX
Grezzo 1 & 2UnratedX
Harem PartyUnratedX
House PartyUnratedXXXX
HunieCam StudioUnratedX
Kamidori Alchemy MeisterUnratedX
Porno Studio TycoonUnratedX
Purin to OhuroUnratedX
GameRatingViolence/GoreStrong LanguageNudity/Sexual ContentAlcohol/DrugsGambling
Purino PartyUnratedX
Radiator 2UnratedX
Rinse and RepeatUnratedX
Sakura AngelsUnratedX
Sakura Beach 1 & 2UnratedX
Sakura DungeonUnratedX
Sakura FantasyUnratedX
Sakura SantaUnratedX
Sakura SpiritUnratedX
Sakura Swim ClubUnratedX
Second LifeUnratedXX
Suck My Dick or Die!UnratedXX
The Guy GameUnratedX
The Maiden Rape Assault: Violent Semen InfernoUnratedXX
What's Under Your Blanket!?UnratedX
Witch TrainerUnratedX
Yandere SimulatorUnratedXX

How to Play Banned Games for Your Audience

Even if there was a way to do a private stream on Twitch, it is likely you wouldn’t be able to stream these games to an audience without issues on the platform. There are a few ways you can stream adult games for your audience. 

It is important to remember not to announce or advertise your adult platform on Twitch. While you can have links to it in your Discord or other parts of your community, a few steamers have gotten in trouble for promoting adult-related content elsewhere. 

Live-Streaming Sites that Allow Adult Content

  1. Plexstorm – NSFW-friendly platform where adult content is allowed and encouraged. 
  2. Smashcast – allows NSFW content as long as no illegal activity is showcased in your content.
  3. Picarto – while you can’t have true pornographic content on this site, you can play games or create games that contain adult content.

Stream on Discord

You can also stream games on Discord for a limited amount of people. This may be a good option for your tier 3 subscribers who want to watch games that are not generally allowed on Twitch. 

Private Pages on Websites

Streamweasels creates a private pages plugin that you can put on your website. People need to subscribe to your Twitch channel to see these pages. You can also limit which tiers get to see which pages. You can upload videos of you playing adult-content games to these pages. 

All adult-rated games are banned on Twitch. Note that this list may not be complete:

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