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How to Use StreamWeasels “Player Pro” Plugin [Twitch]

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StreamWeasels is a developer who design and sell website plugins (and themes) to help Twitch streamers spruce up their websites. Each plug-in is unique and customizable in a variety of ways.

In this post, we will take a closer look at the Player PRO Plugin. First, we will cover the basics of how to set it up, then we will look at the various options you can customize. 

Overview of StreamWeasels Player PRO Plugin 

The StreamWeasels Twitch TV Player Pro plugin allows you to integrate Twitch API seamlessly into your website. It is perfect for a single streamer or a team of broadcasters. After downloading the plugin, you can customize the plugin and launch it on your current website in a matter of minutes. 

Click one of the streamers to view their stream!

Here is a demo of the StreamWeasels Playper PRO Plugin. To see it in action, click any name. This is how it would look on your website. 

How to Set Up StreamWeasels Twitch TV Player Pro Plugin

Step 1: Purchase and install the StreamWeasels Twitch TV Player Pro Plugin onto your WordPress site. Activate the plugin. 

Streamweasels set up plugin

Step 2: You can access the plugin in your WordPress dashboard under the “Settings” menu. Clicking it will take you to the plugin settings. Scroll down the page to the Preview. 

steamweasels player plugin setup

Step 3: Insert your license key under the tab “License Options.” The box is located underneath the preview screen. Click “Save Changes.” 

steamweasels player plugin setup

Step 4: Hit the “Main Options” tab and scroll down beneath the preview player. Here, you will be able to fill in the relevant information that you want for your plugin. (Note: you don’t have to fill everything in. There is more detail about these settings below). Save changes.  

steamweasels player plugin setup

Step 5: If you would prefer a light theme for your plugin, click the “Appearance Options” tab at the top of the preview section. Scroll down and change the color theme to “Light Theme.” Save change. 

steamweasels player plugin setup

Step 6: Preview your settings and either adjust the settings or enter the shortcode to put into your WordPress theme. 

Here is the shortcode: [ getTwitchPlayerPro ] (without the spaces).

You can also used advanced options using these tools

StreamWeasels Twitch TV Player Pro Settings Overview

The following is an overview of all the different options you can utilize when setting up the plug-in for your website. 

Game Setting

Streamweasels Twitch TV Player Pro Games

If you want to pull in streams pertaining to a specific game, this is where you would put the game title. You can only choose one game for this section. 

The plugin will pull the top streamers of that particular category. If you choose to have one play automatically, the one with the most viewers will be showcased. 

If you are part of a team and only want to showcase a specific game that most of your teammates play, you can put the game title here and the team name in the appropriate place (later on). 

Language Setting

Streamweasels Twitch TV Player Pro Language

When pulling the top streamers of a particular game, you could end up with broadcasts in a variety of languages. To filter them for your target audience, insert the ISO 639-1 language code in this provided space. 

Channel Setting

Streamweasels Twitch TV Player Pro Channel

When showcasing specific, un-teamed channels. use this section. You can input several Twitch names, separated by a comma.

Viewers will be able to see them when they are online. You can also click an option (later on) that will show listed channels even when they are offline. 

Team Setting

Streamweasels Twitch TV Player Team

This setting is designed for Twitch Teams. It is a great way to showcase all the teammates online. Viewers will be able to click through them to see which channel suits them best.

Limit Setting

Streamweasels Twitch TV Player Pro Limit

You can limit how many channels will be pulled. You can choose any number up to 20 (100 for teams). 

Offline Channel Setting

Streamweasels Twitch TV Player Offline Settings

This setting is self-explanatory. It is great for teams or collaborations where you want to show everyone with whom you work. 

Featured Stream Setting

Streamweasels Twitch TV Player Pro featured stream

Check this box if you want to have one stream automatically play when someone visits your page. By default, it will choose the stream with the most amount of views. 

Chat Setting

streamweasels show chat

The show chat options will allow the viewer on the site to see the interaction of the featured stream (or the stream of their choice). Visually, it will look like this on your page:

Streamweasels Twitch TV Player Chat settings

Live Demo of StreamWeasels Player Pro Plugin

Visit this page on StreamWeasels site to see a live demo of this plugin. 

This plugin (or one of the other StreamWeasels plugins) is the perfect addition to a group or team oriented Twitch website. You can modify the variations at any time, giving your audience the entertainment they need. 

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