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SilverName Net Worth, Facts, and Stats

Real name
Vladislav Sinotov
Date of birth
7th July 1997 (27 years)

Net worth

$700K - $1.5 million

лучшее с SilverName is a professional Hearthstone gamer who competed in the WCA 2016 tournament with his group TeamSpirit where they finished first place in the competition. Although there’s not much information about him on the web, we were able to collect some of the data references available, and we want to share them with you.

So who is лучшее с SilverName and where is he from? What does he look like, how much are his earnings, and what is his net worth? Keep reading to know more.

Who is SilverName?


Vladislav Sinotov, professionally known as лучшее с SilverName is a professional gamer from Russia. He was born on July 7, 1997, and is currently 24 years of age.

Before he delved into YouTube, he used to professionally compete in different esports tournaments since 2015 and even won in the WCA 2016 with TeamSpirit playing Hearthstone. Because of his exposure in the gaming industry, he’s become one of the influencers in the gaming community, as well as on Instagram where he usually posts. He’s also very good-looking, that’s why a lot of youngsters and teenagers admire him. And since then, his Twitch followers surged, the platform where he streams the games he plays.

Not much is known about his family and relationships, but he occasionally posts selfies with his father on Instagram.

Games that SilverName Plays

These are the games that лучшее с SilverName mostly plays on Twitch:

  • Hearthstone
  • Evil Islands
  • Rage of Mages II: Necromancer
  • Grid 2

SilverName Net Worth – How They Made Money

лучшее с SilverName’s earnings are mostly from his esports competitions. However, he also earns from streaming on Twitch, as well as uploading on the YouTube channel he owns. Aside from his ad revenue on both YouTube and Twitch, he also earns from the monthly subscriptions on the Twitch platform; and not only that, but he also has sponsors and donations. Below are his earnings on both platforms:

How Much Does SilverName Earn From Twitch?

As for the month of March 2022, he has 1,114 active subscribers on his Twitch account; where 72 are Prime, 897 are Tier 1, 7 are Tier 2, and 3 are Tier 3.

His average subscriptions are 1,100 per month. Assuming all subscriptions are Tier 1 and he earns $3 per subscriber, his monthly revenue for the subscription alone would be estimated at $3,300. For sure it’s more than that, seeing not all are Tier 1.

silvername twitch stats

лучшее с SilverName runs ads on his streams, and he has subs and donations as well. His average views per stream are 12,000-14,000 (CCV). Suppose his earnings from each stream is a CPM of $2 per 1,000 views, he would earn from $24K to $28K per stream.

Assuming he would stream 3 times a month, his Twitch earnings would be between $812K to $947K. Adding that to a rough estimation of $3,300 from the monthly subscriptions, his net worth on Twitch alone would be an estimated of $815.3K to $950.3K.

How Much Does SilverName Earn From YouTube?

лучшее с SilverName earns from the ad revenue on his YouTube channel. His estimated income per month is to be around $2.29K, giving him a calculated net worth of $71.8K to $431K on YouTube.

Who Sponsors SilverName?

Here’s the list of SilverName’s sponsors on his Twitch:

  • Parimatch – an international betting company in Europe
  • Red Bull – an energy drinks brand with the highest market share among energy drinks in the world
  • Bitget – crypto exchange platform for cryptocurrency
  • Secretlab – furniture company focused on gaming chairs and other gaming products


Although there is not much information on лучшее с SilverName for now, we are sure that he will continue to make his name known in the gaming industry, and by then, the world will talk about him and his booming career. But for now, we hope you learned some things about this amazing gamer.

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