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Hiko Net Worth, Stats, and Facts

Real name
Spencer Martin
Date of birth
6th March 1990 (34 years)

Net worth

$1-5 million

Hiko is one of the most successful esports professionals of this generation. He’s a retired Valorant and CSGO pro player. He’s practically the face of FPS Esports. Today, he’s dedicated his time to creating content for 100 Thieves.

Hiko’s net worth is estimated anywhere between $1 to $5 million. Learn more about Hiko’s life and sources of income in this article.

Who is Hiko?

Hiko wearing a red t shirt from 100 Thieves

Hiko’s real name is Spencer Martin. He was born in Michigan on March 6, 1990. He’s one of the people who gave USA a name in the Esports industry. But before venturing into gaming, he was once a hockey player and enjoyed playing football and baseball as well.

As many may know, he’s a legend in the Counter-Strike gaming community. He was once part of the famous esports teams named Cloud 9 and Team Liquid. In 2020, Hiko decided to become a competitive player in Valorant leagues.

Shortly after two years, Spencer retired from pro gaming completely. During this time, 100 Thieves was trying to rebuild their roster of Valorant players. After more than a decade in pro gaming, Spencer has transitioned to content creation and is primarily a streamer on Twitch.

Awards and Achievements

Hiko was part of the teams that helps the USA gain recognition in Eports tournaments. Here’s a list of his achievements throughout the years:

Achievements in CSGO

In 2013:

  • 3rd-4th Place (S-tier) DreamHack Winter 2013

In 2015:

  • 2nd Place (A-tier) iBUYPOWER Cup
  • 1st Place (S-tier) ESL ESEA Pro League Season 2 – North America

In 2016:

  • 3rd-4th Place (S-tier) MLG Major Championship: Columbus 2016
  • 5th-6th Place (S-tier) ESL Pro League Season 3 – Finals
  • 5th-6th Place (S-tier) Esports Championship Series Season 1 – Finals
  • 2nd Place (S-tier) ESL One: Cologne 2016
  • 3rd-4th Place (S-tier) ESL One: New York 2016

In 2018:

  • 2nd Place (A-tier) DreamHack Open Austin 2018
  • 2nd Place (A-tier) Americas Minor Championship – London 2018

Achievements in Valorant

In 2020:

  • 1st Place (A-tier) First Strike North America
  • 3rd-4th Place (A-tier) JBL Quantum Cup

In 2021:

  • 1st Place (A-tier) VCT 2021: North America Stage 2 Challengers 1
  • 2nd Place (A-tier) VCT 2021: North America Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs
  • 3rd-4th Place (S-tier) VCT 2021: Stage 3 Masters – Berlin
  • 3rd Place (A-tier) VCT 2021: North America Last Chance Qualifier

Games that Hiko Plays

Hiko excels with his Valorant gameplay on his Twitch streams. However, there are other video games he plays too:

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Valorant
  • Z1: Battle Royale
  • Elden Ring
  • Overwatch 2
  • Fortnite
  • Apex Legends
  • Among Us
  • Fall Guy
  • Back 4 Blood
  • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
  • Marbles on Stream

Social Media Presence

Hiko is most active on his Twitch channel, with over 1.8M followers. He also has a YouTube channel with 380K subscribers. You can follow him on his other social media accounts and even join his Discord server.

Hiko Net Worth – How They Made Money

Spencer earns money from Twitch subs, ads, donations, and YouTube ad revenue. He also earns money through selling merch and from sponsorships. Hiko also has a salary from 100 Thieves. However, his total and monthly salary is unknown.

His estimated net worth is between $1M and $5M. Here’s his source of income and a ballpark figure of his possible earnings from each.

How Much Does Hiko Earn From Twitch?

Spencer’s Twitch channel is averaging 1,900 subscribers in the last 12 months. He earns $3.5 from each sub and makes more or less $6,650 monthly.

Twitch streamers earn $3 per 1000 views on the ads they run. Hiko has an average of 1.7 million views on his channel per month. That makes him $5,100 monthly. As for donations, Spencer’s channel receives at least $1,000 per month.

In total, Hiko’s Twitch channel earns him $12,750 monthly.

How Much Does Hiko Earn From YouTube?

According to Social Blade, Hiko has an average of almost 350,000 views per month. He earns a maximum of $3 for every 1000 views. In total, Hiko’s ad revenue on YouTube amounts to, at most, $1,000 monthly.

Earnings from Competitive Gaming

As mentioned earlier, Hiko was a professional CSGO player who later switched to Valorant leagues. He had his cut of the prize money from the team’s winnings.

He is said to have earned at least $230,000 from his time as a CSGO and Valorant pro player.

Earnings from Merch Store

Hiko has launched his own merch. His merch store sells baseball caps of different colors with his signature logo on them. It’s unknown how much money Hiko makes from his merch store. However, his items cost $35 to $40.

Who Sponsors Hiko?

Hiko is sponsored by HyperX and 100 Thieves. HyperX is a brand known by many gamers. They create, market, and sell gaming gear. 100 Thieves, on the other hand, is a gaming organization that employs some of the best Esports gamers and content creators.


Hiko has recently focused solely on content creation, and his net worth may rise after he has settled into his new vocation. We’ll surely miss seeing him in the big leagues, but he’s still around streaming his gameplay on Twitch.

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