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How to Add a Stream Schedule Widget

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The fantastic thing about Twitch and other streaming platforms is that you can broadcast to a worldwide audience. The issue arises when your viewers can’t easily determine when you stream if they live in a different timezone.

Set Up a Schedule that Adjusts to Your Viewer’s Time Zone

You can remedy this problem on your own channel by installing a timezone extension to your profile. When your viewers look at it, the widget will tell them the start time of your upcoming stream in their own timezone. That way, they can tune in at the right time to catch you live. 

We have listed several schedule widgets you can use. Once you have made your selection, you will need to install the widget, configure it to your personal schedule, then add it as a panel to your profile. 

Streamlabs Stream Schedule and Countdown

The Streamlabs Stream Schedule and Countdown extension will give your viewers your schedule in their own timezone. It will also give them a countdown to your next stream. They can quickly look at it and know when they should next return to your channel. 

streamlabs schedule setup

If you are going on holiday or want to take a break from streaming, you can set your return date in the widget and it will keep your viewers informed for you. 

The Streamlabs Stream Schedule extension is customizable in that you can change the color of the text to match your other branding and change the underlying image behind the text. In our opinion, this was the simplest widget to use. 

Schedule with Google Calendar

The Schedule with Google Calendar extension will give your viewers a countdown and information in their own timezone. Additionally, you can set titles for your upcoming streams that they can see. If you are a variety streamer, you can set specific colors for the theme of each stream. This way, viewers will know when to log in to watch the content they want to see. 

You can customize the appearance of the widget to better match your brand. You will need to use a google account that you won’t mind being public, so we recommend creating one specifically for your Twitch channel. Once you have set up your schedule using Google calendar, you’ll be able to sync it to the widget.

Weekly Schedule

The Weekly Schedule extension can detect the timezone and language preference of your viewers and modify the information to suit their needs. 

weekly schedule settings

You can customize the Weekly Schedule extension’s colors and border to better match your branding. When configuring it, you will need to set your UTC Offset time. Use this UTC offset calculator to determine the correct time. Add your city (or a city nearby) and it will give you the correct code. 

Stream Scheduler

The Stream Scheduler extension allows your viewers to see when you are streaming, as well as a countdown to your upcoming streams. It will also display your avatar and username. 

wasder Schedule setup


It is important to have a schedule so that your loyal fans can track your streams and watch you every time you go live. For help building your schedule, read our post, How Often You Should Stream to Grow on Twitch.

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