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For over 20 years, OPSEAT has strived to be more than just a furniture company. They work to create quality products that appeals to gamers and content creators.

OPSEAT Sponsorship

Sponsorship and Affiliate Program

OPSEAT is a very popular gaming chair company. If you use their product or a passionate about their company, you may be able to join their affiliate program.

Additionally, if you are a popular gamer or streamer or are a part of a professional team, you may be able to get a sponsorship through the company.

OPSEAT Sponsorship Details

If you are a popular gamer, streamer, or team, you may be able to get a sponsorship with OPSEAT. They have three levels to their program:

  • Bronze: if you have under 10k subscribers on YouTube or 50 average viewers on Twitch, you will quality to be a part of the affiliate program (see details below).
  • Gold: If you have under 100,000 subscribers on YouTube or between 50 and 250 concurrent viewers on Twitch, you qualify to be considered for a sponsorship.
  • Diamond: If you have more than the viewers for the gold tier, you may qualify for a special sponsorship.

Sign Up for OPSEAT Sponsorship

If you want to apply for a sponsorship with OPSEAT, you will need to contact the company through their partnership page on their website.

Before you contact a sponsor, it is important to prepare your channel for sponsorship. As this company is messaged about sponsorships frequently, they will likely not respond to you if you haven’t taken any steps to create professional content.

OPSEAT Affiliate Program

As an affiliate for OPSEAT, you will earn $15 for every chair purchased through your affiliate link. When you have sold 10 chairs, OPSEAT will send you a seat for free. To join their affiliate program, you need to visit their affiliate page on their website.

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