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AKRacing Gaming Sponsorships

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First launched in 2001, AKRacing develops and manufactures quality gaming and office furniture. The company is based in Camarillo, California and unlike many of their competitors, they don't outsource their manufacturing oversees. Every one of their products is inspected by their passionate team for quality purposes, ensuring that the first class gaming chairs they send out will meet the needs of their customers.

AKRacing has earned the utmost respect from the gaming community for their products, all build with ergonomic design. Gamers who have a large audience could potentially earn commission if they promote the chairs, earning rewards and payment for all sales made.

AKRacing Gaming Sponsorship

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Sponsorship and Affiliate Program

AKRacing occasionally sponsors pro esports teams and gamers. For instance, in 2020, they partnered with Riot Game’s League of Legends European Championship (LEC) and provided the chairs for the entire season. They may also work with gaming industry professionals from time to time.

While their sponsorship program isn’t open to all, they do have an esports Affiliate program where you can potentially earn commission for spreading your love for their product. If you have an AKRacing gaming chair, you may be able to showcase it on your stream and generate sales through a discount code.

The business has competitive commission rates through the AKRacing Envoy program. The company offers full support to their top affiliates and will work with the visitors who come to their site through your account.

AKRacing Affiliate Program Details

AkRacing affiliate program information

As a member of AKRacing’s Affiliate program, you will be able to receive 5% commission on any chairs that are purchased through your direct link. You will receive payments each month on anything purchased within the previous month. You will also be able to log in and monitor what has happened through your link.

The average order price of AKRacing chairs is between $500-$700 depending on special offers. For example, if you earned 5% affiliate commission rates on a $600 chair, you would be paid $30 for the sale by the AKRacing team.

Anyone with an active social following is able to join AKRacing’s affiliate program and potentially earn commission.

How to Apply for AKRacing Affiliate Program

To apply for the AKRacing Envoy program, you will need to fill out their registration page on their website. On this page, you will be asked for your personal contact information as well as links to your socials and your streaming platform.

Whether you are Twitch streamer, a member of one of the top esports teams, or part of the video game development community, you can earn commissions when one or more of your followers purchase an item through the AKRacing brand.

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