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Known for his deep voice and advanced skill in FPS games, Shroud has been a pillar of the gaming and streaming community for years.

Shroud has a rich career history within the gaming industry. He has played PUBG and CS:GO for several teams and is one of the most followed channels on Twitch. This post will go over the highlights of Shroud’s career.

Real NameMichael Grzesiek
Twitch ChannelShroud
YouTube ChannelShroud
TwitterMichael Grzesiek

26 years old


5’ 6”

Net WorthApproximately $8-12 million

Timeline of Shroud’s Early Life

2 June 1994 – Michael “Mike” Grzesiek was born in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. He lived there throughout his childhood. His father would help nurture Michael’s love for games and would support him toward becoming a pro gamer.

Timeline of Shroud’s Career

2013 – Shroud became to game professionally with the team Slow Motion.

2014 – Shroud played professionally for Exertus, compLexity, and Manajuma.

August 2014 – Shroud joined the Cloud9 organization and would compete in several tournaments with them over the next several months.

22 June 2015 – Shroud placed first in the ESL ESEA Pro League in North America. He won $18,000. A couple weeks later, he placed second in the finals and won $60,000.

15 November 2015 – Shroud came first in the iBUYPOWER Cup and won $50,000.

30 October 2016 – Shroud and his team won $200,000 at the ESL Pro League Season 4.

11 June 2017 – Shroud came in first for America’s Minor Championship – Krakow 2017. He won $30,000.

16 August 2017 – It was announced that Shroud and his friend Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert would be leaving Cloud9.

18 April 2018 – Shroud left professional CS:GO to fully pursue his streaming career. He has streamed PUBG, Apex Legends, Fortnite, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, VALORANT, Escape from Tarkov, and many other games throughout the course of his Twitch career.

2019 – Shroud won the “Content Creator of the Year” from the Game Awards.

24 October 2019 – Shroud announced that he would be moving to Mixer.

11 August 2020 – Shroud announced that he would return to Twitch after Microsoft announced that Mixer would be shutting down.

Shroud Sponsors and Partners

Shroud has worked with some of the following companies through gaming sponsorship programs:

  • Logitech
  • J!nx
  • HyperX

Frequently Asked Questions

What Platform Does Shroud Stream On?

Shroud started streaming on Twitch. In late 2019, he moved to Mixer, but returned to Twitch after Mixer announced they would be closing their doors.

Does Shroud Have a Wife?

Shroud does not have a wife, but he has a girlfriend. She goes by Bnans and her name is Hannah Kennedy. She works in digital marketing and as a graphic designer. She also streams on Twitch.

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