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Widepeeposad Emote Meaning

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There are tons of different PePe emotes out there. The versatile frog has become one of the most widely used meme images in internet culture. So, while you may be familiar with some of the more popular PePe emotes, the widepeeposad emote may be a bit strange to you. Don't worry though, in the article we will tell you everything you need to know about widepeeposad, from where it comes from to how to use it.

Widepeeposad Emote Meaning
Widepeeposad Emote
Widepeeposad Emote Twitch Size
Widepeeposad Emote Twitch Size

Widepeeposad Emote Meaning

There isn’t a huge difference between the widepeeposad emote, and the original peeposad emote. While the original is used to convey sadness, as it depicts PePe crying, the widepeeposad emote is used to show a much greater level of sadness.

The wide nature of the image is for effect, showing other viewers that the user is so incredibly sad that the normal version will not do.

Widepeeposad Origin

Pepe the frog was created by Matt Furie who posted a comic of Pepe to his Myspace way back in 2005. Since then, the frog man has taken many forms in comic, meme, and emote formats.

Internet culture loves taking something and twisting and contorting it to create what is usually referred to as a “dank” version of the original image. And obviously Pepe the frog is subject to the same treatment.

Widepeeposad was created almost a year after the Peeposad emote was uploaded to Frankerfacez by user rSherms. Twitch users very quickly started using the wide version a lot more than the original, which was similar to the peepohappy and widepeepohappy emotes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use Widepeeposad on my Twitch Account

The Widepeeposad emote, and others like it, are not an official part of the emotes available in Twitch chat. Because of this, users will need to use browser extensions to use and view emotes like this while watching a streamer.

What is the Frankerfacez Extension?

Frankerfacez is a chat moderation and control tool that content creators can use to enhance their channels. The extension allows users in a streamer’s chat to use cool custom emotes not available through the official Twitch emote selection.

Using a browser extension like Frankerfacez or BTTV makes building a community a lot more fun, as Twitch viewers can feel more connected to a streamer through the use of custom emotes. Users will need to install the browser extension in Chrome to participate.



Now that you know about the Widepeeposad emote, pop into your favorite streamer’s chat and tell them how sad you are when they die in a match.

Remember, though, to use or view a comment with the widepeeposad emote or other emotes like it, you must install the extension. So what are you waiting for? Get Frankerfacez and join in on the fun!

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