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WhySoSerious Emote Meaning

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The whysoserious emote is used when a viewer wants to make fun of a streamer for being too serious about something on stream, usually something happening in a game or in response to a comment in Twitch chat.

whysoserious emote

WhySoSerious Meaning

This is typically to troll the streamer, and the laughing clown face the emote depicts is reflective of that trolling. Users using this emote tend to be sarcastic and say that the streamer’s reaction is taking the comment of the situation out of context.

Essentially, the user is saying, “it’s just a joke, don’t take it so seriously”

Whysoserious Twitch Emote Origin

The emote, both the name ‘whysoserious’ and the smiling clown are both from the Batman movie The Dark Knight. The Joker’s mouth is painted into a smile the same way it is shown in the emote.

This depiction of the Joker has given rise to tons of extremely popular memes and quotes.

The Joker taunts Batman often in the movie, often being sarcastic and the scene from which the name of the emote is taken from highlights the persona of the Joker throughout the entire movie.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use Twitch Emotes

This emote is one of the baseline Twitch emotes and is available throughout the entire platform. Many emotes have become a huge part of Twitch culture

For users to use Twitch emotes on your stream, you must be an affiliate or partner on Twitch. You then can upload emotes for your subscribers to use in chat on your channel.

If you are not an affiliate or partner, or you are a user that is not subscribed and want to use emotes, there are ways to do so.

One of the most popular ways is to use BTTV. This Chrome extension allows a Twitch users to use emotes in their chat comments that are viewable by other users using the extension. The streamer needs to have emotes enabled in BTTV settings, and you can post whatever you like from the emotes list.

Check out the BTTV website at and install the chrome browser extension.

BetterTTV browser extension

How to Use the Whysoserious Emote on YouTube

While watching a YouTube video, you can use emotes by clicking on the emoji icon under the chat box when typing in the comment section. Select the emote you are looking for, and it will be included when you post.

The channel owner must have uploaded any specific emote you are looking for the emote to be available. Otherwise, you will only have the base emotes that YouTube offers.

What are BTTV Emotes?

BTTV emotes are essentially the same as the Emotes regularly used on Twitch, but allows community users to use them without being a subscriber or the streamer being affiliate. Generally, more emotes are available on BTTV than on Twitch’s selection.

Users can upload new emotes to the site for others to use. Often, some of the most popular emotes on Twitch are created by users for BTTV. BTTV emotes allow for many variations of whatever meme, pop culture topic, or image is popular.

However, to use them or see them in chat, you must have the Better Twitch TV plugin on your browser.

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