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TriHard Meaning

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TriHard Twitch Global Emote

TriHard Emote Meaning

The TriHard emote was created to be used when something exciting is happening on the screen or to help generate hype in a channel. It is the image of the streamer Trihex smiling. Use it when you’re hyped or when the streamer does something exciting.

Note: This emote has unfortunately been used as racial discrimination. Please be aware of who is broadcasting and make sure to use it appropriately.

Released: 2012

TriHard Emote Origin

The emote is based on the Twitch streamer, TriHex. In June 2012, TriHex went to Dallas, Texas, to attend the Akon-23 anime convention. It was at this convention that the picture based the inspired the emote was taken.  

The image was created afterward. When the Twitch staff was looking for new emotes to add to their global collection, TriHex’s community spammed his emote everywhere so that it would be noticed. The movement work and the emote was officially included. People love it because of the excitement in his face.  

There is a variation to TriHard, the TriHard7. This emote depicts TriHex wearing a military helmet. The seven is supposed to signify a salute. Unfortunately, this emote was spammed on channels with a black streamer. In mixed-race discussions, it would be spammed when the black reporter was speaking. For that reason, many channels have banned both emotes. 

Trihard is the Most Used Emote on Twitch

In July 2020, when looking at the most used Twitch emotes, Trihard was in the lead by nearly half a billion usages!

According to SteamElements on July 18, 2020

Should the Trihard Emote be Banned?

There is a lot of debate on whether or not the Trihard emote should be banned on Twitch due to the racist usage of some Twitch viewers. Those who wish the emote to be removed argue that it would stop its toxic usage. Those against the removal point out that removing the emote doesn’t address the actual issue of racism.

Trihex shared his own opinion on stream. While he doesn’t really care what other streamers do with their own channels, he supports his emote. He understands that the emote is used for negativity, but he believes that removing the emote doesn’t fix racism. The emote itself isn’t racist, the usage by some viewers is racist. He points out that if the emote was banned, another emote (such as CmonBruh – which is also used occasionally in a racist way) would be used in the same way.

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