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Streamlabs Merch Store – Extension Review

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Twitch extensions are a good way to add some extra flavor to your channel. Whether you add tools or mini-games for you fans, your stream should be impacted in a positive way.

Streamlabs Merch Store Overview

streamlabs merch store
by Streamlabs

Twitch Extension Category: Loyalty and Recognition

Types: Panel

Monetization: This extension will showcase your Streamlabs merch in a Twitch Panel in your bio.

Extension Link: Streamlabs Merch Store

Extension Details

Streamlabs Merch allows you to create and sell several types of branded items to your viewers. You can use your own custom channel graphics to create unique designs that your audience will love.

Streamlabs will process each order as it is made, so you won’t have to purchase items in advance. They also manage shipping, customer concerns, and anything else that comes with running a business.

You get a cut in the sale of each merch sale. If you have Streamlabs Pro, you will get a larger cut for each item sold.

streamlabs merch store extention details

The Streamlabs Merch Store extension is easy to install and activate on your channel. You will need to set it as one of your three panel extensions.

Eligibility to Use the Extension

In order to use the Streamlabs Merch Store extension, you must have the following:

  • An active Twitch account
  • An available panel extension slot
  • Merch store through Streamlabs

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