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PotFriend Meaning

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Whether you are sad, or you want to meme about something that isn't truly sad, you can use the Sadge emote in Twitch chat. While it was originally used when streamers were showcasing a sad and depressing cause or talking about something painful that happened in their life, the emote has also been turned into a meme about saying cringe things with a hint of ironic sadness.

A recent trend has been the PotFriend emote, and in this article, we are going to cover everything you need to know about this, from where it started, to what it means and when to use it.


Potfriend Meaning

The Potfriend emote is based on the Living Jars from the Elden Ring game. People will typically spam them in chat when a streamer interacts with a jar in the game. Alternatively, people may spam it to encourage the streamer to strike a pose.

Released: February 24, 2022

Potfriend Emote Origin

The Pot Friend emote (originally called Pot Boy) comes from a character in Elden Ring, a popular action role-play game published by FromSoftware.

Throughout the game, you will encounter giant golden pots with two arms called Living Jars.

jars from elden ring

While most of them will attack you, a sentient-friendly NPC name Iron Fist Alexander requests your help. He is “the Pot Friend.”

FromSoftware used Iron Fist Alexander quite a bit in the game’s advertising, which led to many memes, jokes, and art that quickly made him popular in the gaming community.

potfriend meme

How to use Potfriend in Twitch Chat

Like most Twitch emotes, Pot Friend has a pretty particular usage when watching a streamer.

The most obvious use is when a streamer is playing Elden Ring, and they encounter one of the Living Jars the emote is based on. Often you will see chat explode in a stream of Pot Friend emotes.

The other less obvious use is to select the PotFriend emote, then type “Do this IRL.” In general, the chat will do this when a streamer is having trouble in a game (any game, not just Elden Ring) and is telling them to strike the Pot Friend pose for good luck.

Similar Twitch Emotes

PotFriend is a particular emote, and as such, there aren’t really any emotes quite like it.

As Twitch gets bigger, many memes and jokes turn into emotes that have not been defined already. The use of the PotFriend character is a great example of this. Spawning from a character in a highly streamed game (Elden Ring), the emote has taken on a life and meaning of its own.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Was Potfriend Released?

Due to the popularity of the game, and the “Pot friend” spam in many Twitch chats, the Twitch team decided to create PotFriend into his own emote.

On February 22, 2022 the Twitch Twitter account posted this Tweet:

twitch tweet potfriend

Of course, it got at least one like, and PotFriend was born.

Can I Upload Potfriend as a Personal Emoticon for My Twitch Channel?

Having emotes for your viewers to spam chat with can be pretty cool. However, only streamers affiliated or partners can add emotes to their chat for their subscribers to use.

You can use a third-party Chrome extension like BTTV (Better Twitch TV) to allow viewers to use emotes, but these will only be viewable by other users with the Chrome extension.


Now you know everything about the Potfriend emote. Next time you see people spamming it in your favorite streamers’ chat, you won’t be confused about why everyone on the site thinks that little gold pot boy is so important.

So get to it! Open Twitch and confuse your favorite streamer by typing the message <potfriend> “Do this IRL!”

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