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NotLikeThis Meaning

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NotLikeThis Twitch Emote Meaning

The NotLIkeThis emote is used on Twitch when something on the stream is going terribly wrong or if a chatter tells a story about a rough event in their real-life or in their own gameplay. It is the perfect emote to use when things just seem to not be going your way.

Released: circa 2015

NotLikeThis Emote Origin

The image is of a Twitch employee Ben Swartz who is also known as Bensw. The picture was taken after watching HugS86 lose a tournament game at an EVO event in 2015. The phrase “Not Like This” comes from the first Matrix movie. Ever since he was a child, Ben had put his hands in his hair when something was tense or upsetting.  

Viewers use the NotLikeThis emote when something cringy happens or when things seem to get progressively worse on a stream. 

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