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KKomrade Meaning

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kkomrade emote

KKomrade Meaning

The KKomrade emote is a FrankerFaceZ emote that is based on the popular KKona Twitch emote. While the KKona emote is known as the “Redneck” emote that is used to mock American culture, KKomrade was created to target Russians with the same mockery.

Released: 2018

KKomrade Emote Origin

The KKomrade emote is based on the KKona emote is based on the Twitch streamer, Konas “Kona” Korner.  He was a streamer even in the days. The KKomrade emote uses the same image as the KKona emote, but adds a Soviet commissary hat to “turn him Russian.”

Because of the Rivalry between Americans and Russians, both emotes are fairly popular when mocking or play mocking people who sterotypically represent their country.

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