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KEKW Meaning

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KEKW Emote Meaning

The KEKW emote is available through the BTTV or FrankerFaceZ extensions. The emote is used as a laugh emote on Twitch. The image is based on Juan Joya Borja, a Spanish actor and comedian.

Released: August 2019

KEKW Emote Origin

In June 2007, Jesus Quintero interviewed Juan Joya Borja, a Spanish actor and comedian for the show Ratones Coloraos. Juan Joya Borja has been given the name “El Risitas” which translates to “The Giggles” based on his laughter.

Even people who do not understand Spanish enjoy the video and the contagious excitement that is passed through the laughter.

The laughter begins about halfway through the video.

The Meaning Behind the KEKW Emote

In World of Warcraft, if a Horde player types “LOL” in chat, an Alliance member will read “KEK.” (If an alliance member types “LOL” in chat, a Horde member will read “BUR.” This language barrier within the races of WoW is what led to the naming of the KEKW emote.

The W portion of the name is inspired by the “W” facial expression that is often used in Twitch emotes.

KEKW Popularity

In August 2019, the KEKW emote began to grow in popularity, due in large part to it being used in xQc and AdmiralBulldog’s Twitch channels. Due to the overall popularity of the meme, the emote has slowly taken over Twitch and can be seen in almost any chat, often times accompanied by the word “True.”

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