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Coaches have been used in almost every industry for millenia. It is no surprise, however, that there is a market for coaches and coaching in the world of online video games.

Whether you are a casual player who want to improve or you have your sights on going pro, hiring a game coach can help you get to the next level. Many game coaches are ex-pro players who have side-stepped their careers to help others climb the rankings in particular games.

This page will cover several aspects of game coaching as well as list many of the games where coaches are sought after.

Best Gaming Coaching Services

When looking for a good gaming coach, you should look for someone who has had both game experience and coaching experience. Reed reviews and references about the coach before scheduling an appointment with them. You want to make sure you get the best help for your money.

When looking for coaches, we recommend the following sites:

  • GamerSensei – GamerSensei puts their coaching through a rigorous 5-stage process so that they can ensure the best quality for their clients. They give detailed bios and reviews.
  • Fiverr – you can read through many reviews on this freelance marketplace. Simply search the game coach type that you want and pick from their selection.
  • ProGuides – this platform is passionate about helping gamers grow and succeed. They offer classes taught by experienced instructors, release YouTube videos, and have coached in several different games.

Game Coach Listings

FPS Coach Listings

Call of Duty CoachingYesYesNo
CS:GO CoachingYesYesYes
Paladins CoachingYesYesNo
Valorant CoachingYesYesYes

Battle Royale Coach Listings

Apex LegendsYes YesNo
Fortnite CoachingYesYesYes
PUBG CoachingYesYesNo

MOBA Coach Listings

DOTA 2 CoachingYesYesYes
HOTS CoachingYesYesNo
League of Legends CoachingYes YesYes
Rocket League CoachingYesYesNo
Smite CoachingYesYesNo
Starcraft 2 CoachingYesYesNo
World of Tank CoachingYesYesNo

Card Game Coach Listings

Artifact CoachingYesYesNo
Elder Scrolls Legends CoachingYesYesNo
Hearthstone CoachingYesYesYes
Gwent CoachingYesYesNo
Magic: The Gathering Arena CoachingYesYesYes

Miscellaneous Game Coach Listings

Teamfight Tactics CoachingYesYesYes
Super Smash Bros UltimateYesYesYes

What Can A Gaming Coach Help With?

A gaming coach will be able to help you develop your gaming skills in a variety of ways. These will include the following:

  • Game mechanics – understanding the mechanics of the game is more than just muscle memory and practice. A good coach will be able to help you master when to use abilities and in which sequence.
  • Game strategy – mechanics can only take you so far. Understanding the game as a whole will help you strategize how to take on your opponents and adjust your strategy 
  • Fixing bad habits – it is easy to pick up bad habits if you play the same roles or with the same players or shot callers all the time. Coaches will be able to catch these and point them out to you so that you can work on them to fix them. 
  • Improve teamwork – if you and your team have issues with communication, a coach can help you learn to shot calls, keep track of each other, and identify the things you should tell each other while in-game.
  • Professional potential – if you have a lot of skill and believe you have a chance to make it to the professional scene, you can 
  • Rivalry – do you have a friend that you just can’t beat? A professional coach can help you build the skills you need to take out your competition. 

What Does A Gaming Coach Do?

A gaming coach is trained to help players meet specific achievements in the game. When working with one, you would tell them your overall goal. After breaking the goal down into smaller milestones, a coach will help you work toward the achievement while helping you learn to manage your mood and emotions and strengthening your mental state to prepare for competition. 

5 Reasons You Might Need A Game Coach

  1. Want to make it as an Esports Pro
  2. You’re seeking someone with tournament knowledge
  3. You’re seeking a Gaming scholarship
  4. Want to Improve to beat your friends
  5. To learn to coach yourself
  6. Learning how to stream on Twitch and want to do better in rankings

Free Game Coaching

While you will struggle to find someone who is willing to give you one-on-one coaching for your favorite game, we recommend you find out as much as you can through YouTube videos and professional streamers.

Game Coaching Jobs

If you are looking to become a gaming coach, look into getting approved by GamerSensei or setting up a profile on Fiverr. Most game coaches will earn between $10-25 per hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the First Meeting with a Game Coach Like?

If you decide you want to want a use a game coach over a good period of time, you will want to cover a few things when you meet with them. You will want to list your goals, have them assess your skills, then go over important mechanics and strategy. They should be able to isolate the areas where you could use the most improvement.

Can a Game Coach Help Me Go Pro?

While a game coach won’t be able to guarantee that you will go pro, they should be able to help you improve your skills. If they have a professional past, they may be able to help you network with people in the industry once you reach a high enough level.

Can Any Sized Skill Level of Gamer Benefit From Coaching?

While any gamer can potentially benefit from getting a coach, take the time to learn the game the best you can on your own if you are financially minded. If you want to rank as quickly as you can, a coach can give you an early push by explaining every aspect of the game.

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