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ForsenCD Meaning

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ForsenCD emote

ForsenCD Emote Meaning

The ForsenCD emote is based on an image of Forsen with Dr Disrespect’s mustache and sunglasses superimposed on his face. It is generally used when the Twitch text-to-speech feature makes errors when speaking, though it is occasionally used when referencing scandals relating to Dr Disrespect.

Released: February 2018

ForsenCD Emote Origin

The ForsenCD emote was submitted by a Twitch user in February 2018. It was originally used in a livestream raffle on Forsen’s channel. The name of the emote is inspired by how Twitch’s text-to-speech would mispronounce “D OMEGALUL C” as “OMEGALUL CD.”

The ForsenCD emote was not the only image of a content creator with the imposed mustache and sunglasses, although it was one of the more popular versions.

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