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A streaming platform is a place where broadcasters can go live. Each will have their own terms, different cultures, and will have different ways of being discovered or monetized. You can choose one or multistream to several through a multistreaming service.

Best Free Live-Streaming Websites

While there are several free streaming platforms available, the most popular are Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. All three will offer unique benefits that you can use to market your channel. Twitch is by far the most popular, but also the most saturated and the most difficult for growth.

YouTube offers multiple ways that streamers can grow their channels. Not only can you save your streams, but you can also upload traditional content to gain more subscribers who may become channel members.

When playing the right games, it is relatively easy to grow on Facebook Gaming. You can share your stream to multiple Facebook pages and your viewers can easily share it with their friends and family.




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