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How to Make Money on Dlive

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Like most other live streaming apps, streaming on DLive can be pretty lucrative. However, the difference between Dlive and most other streaming providers is how the currency system works.

Like most other live streaming apps, streaming on DLive can be pretty lucrative. However, the difference between Dlive and most other streaming providers is how the currency system works.

If you haven’t heard of DLive, it is a smaller, but popular streaming platform built more directly around viewer engagement. The site gained a ton of viewers and streamers when PewDiePie, a popular gamer, switched to DLive and gave the revolutionary live streaming system a huge boost in popularity and helped shift DLive into the.

The article will cover how to make money (and get paid) as a DLive content creator. We will discuss blockchain technology and how your DLive live-streaming community can help you earn money.

Let’s get into it!

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Can You Make Money on DLive?

The simple answer is, “yes, you can.”

The more complete answer is, unlike other platforms, live streams on DLive use a different kind of money than most people are used to.

Watching live streams is one of the most interesting ways to make money. There is an interactable treasure chest that, when full, can be clicked to earn you some extra cash.

On other, more traditional platforms, a streamer’s revenue is largely based on paid subscriptions and advertisements. And while this is largely the same on DLive, how these subscriptions are monetized is based on Lemon, a BitTorrent ecosystem built directly into the platform’s structure.

Also, much like any other live-streaming platform, greater rewards are available for DLive affiliate and partner accounts. As a creator’s DLive channel grows, they can earn more benefits.

Much like Twitch or Youtube’s incentivization, Affiliates can start offering paid subscriptions. Streamers can access their subscription setting status on their profile page.

However, certain requirements, like following DLive on social media accounts, are needed to maintain their status.

Starting with Verified Partner Status, streamers are given a stake in the future of the DLive platform Lemon currency. Unlike traditional platforms, this effectively allows partnered streamers to create substantial profit based on the site’s performance.

However, this also means that partners effectively have DLive brand sponsorship. So, on top of ensuring they abide by DLive’s terms and conditions, they are also invested in the growth and success of the DLive website.

How DLive Currency Works

DLive monetization is based on Blockchain currency and donation systems. Blockchain cryptocurrency is an online currency in which transactions and records are maintained by a decentralized system using cryptography, rather than a government or centralized body like the Euro, American dollar, or any other currency issued by an established government.

What this essentially means in regards to Lemon, the BTT token DLive’s payment system is based on is that users purchase the token and use it to donate to streamers when watching content. However, unlike traditional platforms, how much a content creator makes is based on the site’s success.

DLive tokens, in the form of Lemon, are purchased by viewers and given to streamers. The amount of viewers throwing DLive tokens into a streamer’s wallet across the whole site translates into more revenue for partners. 25% of transactions are returned to partners at any given day’s end.

This helps balance the site’s power by giving streamers a decent amount of “ownership” of the site. The better the site does, the more money content curators make. A streamer gathering contributions benefits other streamers. This system helps to reward users and streamers alike.

Note: Lemon currency can only be used on DLive for services and subscriptions.

How to Cash Out Lemon

Even though the site is built around a different type of currency than any other streaming platform, payment is very much the same.

  1. STEP 1

    Log into your DLive account.

  2. STEP 2

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    Click your Profile logo in the top right corner and select “Get Paid.

  3. STEP 3

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    Fill out the required information.

  4. STEP 4

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    Withdraw crypto to your personal wallet by requesting a new transaction.

This information is needed to create transaction data for tax purposes. To get your money on DLive, complete the above requirements, and you will have your money on the next payment cycle.

Why Stream on DLive?

One of the main benefits of streaming and watching on DLive is the payment benefits. Unlike other methods of payment that traditional platforms utilize, streaming on DLive can help you avoid the high fees you might experience elsewhere.

Your creative content should make you the most money. And while the site certainly needs money to operate, only 25% of your DLive live stream revenue goes to the company.

Of course, while it is not the only reason to stream, the ability to earn money is pretty awesome.


So, now that you know about how DLive currency works, what are you waiting for?

Create an account on the DLive site, hit that camera icon to launch live streaming, and get your gaming sessions and other online content creation out there. Soon you’ll be swimming in the benefits of your live video earnings.

If you’re sick of your current streaming system and want to participate in a revolutionary content-sharing platform, DLive may be the right choice.

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