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Is Gamestorrents Safe? A Look into Cracked Games

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What is Gamestorrents?

Gamestorrents is a site that offers a large catalogue of downloadable games over a peer-to-peer file transfer. Though there is nothing illegal about a peer-to-peer file transfer, a torrented copy is illegal. The correct licensing is not included in torrented games, instead they use cracked copies that overwrite the protection software with a fake serial code.

Is Gamestorrents Safe?

Though the site itself may be safe to use, there is no way to truly tell if the files are as they are described. Torrents use a special system to maximize the files health, commonly referred as seeders and Leachers – leachers are the amount of sources downloading that data, and seeders are the amount of sources uploading small pockets of the data. Given the pockets of data come from public sources, you never know who is sending them or what’s been sent with them.

Often, a file might be embedded with viruses such as Trojan horses, which is malicious malware that disguises itself as legitimate software but can allow access to your entire PC, personal data, and even in some incidences your IP address. Viruses aside, your IP address is at even more risk. Whether you are seeding or leaching data, your IP address is being broadcast publicly. Without use of a VPN, your peers could be easily intercepted giving your location to anyone who has access to the torrent.

You should also be careful of adverts and pop-ups on the site. Often on torrents sites, these have also been embedded with viruses damaging for both your computer, and your personal data.

Should You Download Cracked Games?

Short answer, no. Cracked games are often embedded with harmful viruses. It is also against the law to download illegal copies. Torrents or torrent sites are regularly intercepted by law enforcement, downloading may lead to serious charges. 

All of this aside, cracked games are very damaging to the gaming industry, the people that make the games that we love. Without legitimate copies being purchased, the industry will suffer making it hard to create these titles and advance the industry.

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Arry, also known as ArryBo, is a full time Partnered Twitch streamer from the southeast of England! Video gaming and music are two of the passions he shares on his stream.

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