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How YouTube Gaming Streamers Make Money

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YouTube Gaming is the section of YouTube where viewers can browse all the gaming channels, both live-streams and edited gaming content. The creators who manage these channels are able to potentially earn in a variety of ways.

This post will cover each way and let you know what you need to do to start earning on YouTube Gaming. 

In order to earn through crowdfunding opportunities on YouTube Gaming, you need to have reached the partnership status. At that point, you will be able to earn from memberships and super chat. 

YouTube creators must meet the following requirement to allow their viewers to purchase channel memberships:

When you have met these metrics, you will need to sign the YPP (YouTube Partner Program) terms and your channel will be reviewed. It may take up to two months for you to hear back on whether or not you have been approved.

How Much Do YouTube Streamers Make?

The amount of money YouTube streamers make will vary depending on their following size and their overall monetization strategy. While traditional YouTubers typically make between $.10 – $.30 per ad view and sponsorships, streamers can also earn through channel memberships and superchat.

How to Make Money Streaming on YouTube

YouTube Gamers can earn money with crowdfunding opportunities like super chat and channel memberships. They can also earn through merchandising, ads, sponsorships, and providing services to other streamers. In order to monetize their channel, streamers must reach YouTube partner status. 

The following are 8 different ways that YouTube streamers can make money:

  1. 1. YouTube Super Chat

    YouTube Super Chat allows viewers to pay a fee (between $1-$500) to have their chat displayed at the top of the chat feed for a time. Viewers have the chance to have their comments seen. This display is especially useful in channels where multiple viewers are typing at once. YouTube takes 30% of the fee, leaving 70% for the streamer.

    Requirements Needed for YouTube Super Chat and Super Stickers

    In order to begin earning from super chat and super stickers, you must meet the following requirements:

    • Be a YouTube Partner 
    • Be 18 years old or older
    • Live in a country where the feature is available
    Coins in a tip jar
    How YouTube Gaming Streamers Make Money 2
  2. 2. YouTube Gaming Memberships

    YouTube Gaming allows influencers to provide exclusive perks (extra videos, YouTube emotes, etc.) for viewers who join their channel. YouTube streamers have the opportunity to decide what memberships they will offer (between $.99 and 99.99) and what perks will be given to members of each tier. Creators will also be able to name each tier that they offer. YouTube broadcasters receive 70% of membership fees to their channels.

    Requirements Needed for YouTube Gaming Channel Memberships

    In order to offer memberships on your channel, YouTube Gaming streamers must complete the following:

    • Be a YouTube Partner
    • 18 years old or over
    • 30,000 subscribers or more
  3. 3. Collect Donations

    While YouTube doesn’t have an in-built donation system, you can set up a Streamlabs account for your channel. They allow you to set up a way to donate quickly and they don’t take a cut of the tips you receive. Influencers can also use Patreon to set up ways to donate for their viewers.

  4. 4. Ads

    YouTube Live allows its users to immediately begin earning from ads, so long as they meet the following requirements: 

    • They must be at least 18 years old (or have a guardian over the age willing to handle the revenue for them). 
    • They must have had at least 10,000 video views (if all viewers watched the ad, you could potentially make between 10-100 per 10,000 views).
    • They must produce advertiser-friendly content.

    Ad revenue varies from channel to channel, depending on its content and popularity. 

  5. 5. Channel Merchandise

    YouTube’s Merch Shelf is a great way to showcase your branded merchandise. When you have a strong following, consider creating merch for your followers. While the shelf won’t appear on every one of your videos, it will be accessible from your channel. 

    You can choose up to 12 items to showcase on your merch shelf, but you have to source them from one of the following retailers:


    Once you have set up an account with one of these vendors, you will need to turn on your merch shelf in the monetization tab of your YouTube studio page. 

    Requirements to Use YouTube Gaming Merchandise Shelf

    The YouTube Live merchandise shelf is a unique display underneath the streamer’s video. For a broadcaster to qualify to use it, they must meet the following requirements:

    • Must be from an approved country or region
    • Be in the Youtube Partner Program.
    • Have at least 10,000 subscribers.
    • No community guideline strikes.
  6. 6. Affiliate Marketing

    You can also earn on your YouTube Gaming channel by selling items through Affiliate programs. Many programs require you to sell the product within a set amount of time or have a decent following before you apply. Make sure to research each before you sign up and only work with products that you use and enjoy. 

  7. 7. Find Sponsors

    Many sponsors are happy to support smaller streamers who post quality content and have active followings. That being said, be selective on who you work with as many sponsors will want you to work exclusively with them. Don’t just sign up with the first person who comes along. Instead, hold out for companies that you are passionate about. 

  8. 8. Special Services Offered to Other Streamers

    You may also be able to earn funds by marketing channel-building services to other streamers. Here are a few common ways that people earn:

    • tools

      Branding and Graphics

      If you have an eye for design and have branded your channel in a way that attracts your target audience, then you may be able to market your graphic skills to other streamers. Showcase your work and let people know your prices. Many streamers want custom work done, but don’t know how to do it themselves. 

    • megaphone

      Content Coach

      Many streamers have a difficult time understanding when to stream and what content they should cover. You can help them discover their natural talents and help them finetune them into characteristics that would attract their target audience. There isn’t a huge market for this role, but many have earned a little from it as a side hustle. 

    • caution

      Troubleshooting Support

      If you have a solid understanding of hour OBS works or the most efficient way to configure your dual PC set-up, you may be able to earn additional income troubleshooting the issues that other streamers face. You can do one-on-one Discord calls to help them step-by-step through the process or even record extra YouTube tutorials to reach a greater audience. 

    • video

      Video Editing

      Use your YouTube video editing skills to help other streamers create extra content for their YouTube channels. Many people find editing to be too intimidating or don’t have the time to do it. Some are willing to pay top dollar for the quality editing work needed to help their channel rank. 


Many streamers have been able to earn some side income by streaming on platforms like YouTube Gaming. Some have even been able to earn a full-time living. While mastery of these monetization strategies can take some time, earning from your hobby can be very satisfying.

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