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How to Stream on Multiple Platforms [Twitch, Facebook & YouTube Gaming]

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Can You Stream to Twitch and YouTube at the Same Time?

The simple answer to this question is yes. You can stream to multiple platforms at the same time. There are third-party applications that allow you to stream to Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Facebook Gaming, and several other broadcasting platforms. 

A better question to as is, should you live stream to multiple platforms at the same time? The answer that question is a bit more complicated, and we will cover it in this post. We will also give strategies on how to use streaming to multiple platforms to your advantage.

How to Stream to Multiple Platforms at the Same Time

Several people use Restream.io to multi-stream to several platforms at the same time. Restream allows you to broadcast to over 30 different websites. Once you’ve logged in, you can add the channels that you wish to stream to at the same time. Restream will give you a unique key. 

restream channels

A few of the platforms that you can stream to using restream.io. 

After you have made your selections, go to your broadcasting software and select Restream.io as the service to which you wish to live-stream. Insert your unique key, and you will be ready to go live. 

Instead of Restream, you can also check out Switchboard.

Pros to Multistreaming 

While there is only one real “pro” to streaming on multiple platforms, it is a good one: the ability to extend your reach and find a broader audience. As a new streamer, it can feel exhausting to broadcast to one of two viewers, and having a more extensive reach is very tempting. 

Simultaneously streaming to several sites will give you a higher chance to be seen by different viewers. Over time, it may also help you determine which community responds best to your content or that you enjoy using most. 

Cons to Streaming to Multiple Platforms 

While this can be tempting as you can access more than one audience, it is generally against the Terms of Service of the platform if you are monetized by it. For example, Twitch Affiliates and Partners are not allowed to show content streamed through Twitch on another platform for 24 hours. 

Streaming on multiple sites means you must split your time learning about each platform. You will also need a promotional strategy for each. While most aspects of a website will be the same as others, small variances can make a big difference in your workload. 

It is also challenging to create a community if you are streaming to multiple accounts. Even if you are reading the chats on every platform you are using, only you’ll be able to see the entire chat. Your viewers will be unable to communicate with each other or follow the conversation. 

While most multistreaming applications generally work well, they can occasionally disconnect, drop frames, or have other minor issues. This can be frustrating for both you and your viewers. 

The best way to Stream on Twitch and YouTube at the Same Time

If you don’t mind the extra work, start your streaming career by broadcasting to multiple servers. We recommend streaming on Twitch as well as Facebook Gaming and YouTube Gaming. While Twitch has the largest user-base by far, it is far easier to be discovered on Facebook Gaming and YouTube Gaming. 

Let your viewers know that you are streaming to multiple platforms so that they understand you are talking with more than one chat. If you have one platform that you consider your “main” site, let them know so that your most loyal followers can watch from the same channel and communicate together. 

Hold off on accepting Twitch Affiliate or a partnership until you’ve built a decent size community, then cut back to the platform of your choice. 

Discord on white wall

Create a Discord server for your communities to interact with each other. As they build their relationship with you and with each other, they will become loyal followers, even when you cut back to one streaming site. Make sure that you spend time with them and value their feedback.

Stream on Different Platforms on Different Days

If you want to try out different platforms, try spending a couple of days on one, then a couple of other days on another. While you shouldn’t judge either entirely on just your experience in two days, it is a good way for you to know which you prefer over time.

When it comes time for you to choose one and focus your energy on building that, let your viewership on the other platform know where you are. While many might not follow you, those who truly loved your content should be willing to follow you to another site. 

Multistream to a Private YouTube Channel

Even after you’ve reached Twitch Affiliate (or the partnership of your choice), you can still use your Restream software to multistream to a private YouTube channel. This will save you an extra step if you want to publish your content on YouTube after a 24-hour period. It also gives you unlimited storage for your streams.


While it may be easier to reach a broader audience by multistreaming, the way to keep your viewers is by giving them quality content that will bring them back to your channel.

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