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How to Set Up Your Green Screen in Streamlabs OBS [SLOBS]

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This article will take you through the step-by-step process of setting up your green screen or chroma key in SLOBS.

How to Set Up Your Green Screen in Streamlabs OBS 

Step 1: After installing StreamLabs OBS, add a source by pressing the plus icon above the source box.

streamlabs green screen

Step 2: Select Video Capture Device. A pop-up screen will appear where you can insert any name you like for the source. Anything is fine.

SLOBS green screen

If your webcam is installed, it should auto-populate. If not, select the device you want to source from your available devices.


Step 4: Once you press done, your webcam will appear on the main screen. You can move the webcam box to wherever you wish within the screen, size it, and crop it if necessary.

Step 5: To add the chroma-key function to erase your background, right-click on your video capture device in your sources, then select “filters.”

streamlabs obs green screen

Step 6: Select “Chroma Key” from the available options. This will open up the filters for your chroma key settings. 

slobs green screen

Step 7: Select the key color type or pick a custom color. Green generally works fine for green screens. You will most likely need to play with the similarity and smoothness bars in order to get the look you want. Aim to erase the background while keeping you clear and in focus. The similarity and smoothness settings will differ due to lighting, the quality of the green screen, and the distance you are from it.

streamlabs obs green screen

Step 8: When you are satisfied, press “Done” to save your settings.

Your green screen is set up and ready to go. 

Chroma Key in Streamlabs OBS

You don’t necessarily have to use a green colored screen. Many people choose to use blue. In reality, you can use any solid color. You would set it up in the same way and just use the chroma key function to choose the right color. 

For information about green screens and how to set them up, read our guide, How to Set Up a Green Screen for Streaming

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