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How to Pop Out Twitch Chat

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Whether you need to keep an eye on your chat while you’re streaming or you’re a viewer who wants the chat open without the stream, this post will teach you how to pop out the Twitch chat so that you can experience the platform in the way you wish.

How to Pop Out Chat on Twitch

To popout chat on a live channel, you will need to complete the following:

  1. Step 1

    Log in to your Twitch account. 

  2. Step 2

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    In the live channel of your choice, click the settings cog below the chatbox. 

  3. Step 3

    Select “Popout Chat” from the available menu options. A new window should appear that will contain the chat in the stream. 

Note: In order for this process to work, the channel must be live. There is no way to pop out chat on a Twitch channel that isn’t live. 

Reasons to Pop Out Twitch Chat

As a streamer, popping out your Twitch chat to show it alongside your favorite streaming software is the best way to make sure you continually engage with your viewers. Many streamers will even display it on a third monitor and enlarge it enough that they can read it very quickly as they work on the rest of their content. 

Viewers will often use the pop-out feature if they want to watch the stream on full screen and have the chat on a second monitor. This allows them to see the entirety of the stream on one screen while still being able to engage with other community members. 

You can even close the Twitch browser and still use the popped-out chat. This will allow you to still keep up with your community without having the stream open. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Pop Out Chat Work Even if You Aren’t on the Twitch Channel?

The pop out chat screen on Twitch will continue to work even if you are no longer on the same Twitch channel. In fact, it will continue to work even if you close Twitch on your browser. This way, you can continue to keep up with chat even if you can’t watch the stream. 

Can You Pop Out Chat When A Channel Isn’t Live on Twitch?

There is currently no way (and really no reason) to pop out the chat when a channel isn’t live on Twitch. In order to pop it out, you must be able to reach the 

Can You Private Chat on Twitch?

You can privately chat with other users on chat through their whispering features. The other user must have whispering enabled in order to receive messages from you. They may also only take messages from friends. There is currently no way to private stream on Twitch

How Can You View Twitch Chat When Playing a Game?

You can view Twitch chat while streaming by using a third party such as Restream to overlay it over the top of your game. Otherwise, you can use the pop-out feature to show the chat on a second or third monitor.  

Should You Show Your Twitch Chat on an Overlay?

Showing your Twitch chat on an overlay should depend on your content. If it doesn’t take away from the value of your stream, feel free to add it. However, if it covers up gameplay or makes everything on your screen much smaller, you should 


Utilizing the pop-out feature on Twitch is a good way to keep everything organized while you stream or watch chat. There are many ways that it can enrich your stream experience. 

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