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How to Make a Gaming Logo

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Top gaming logos are recognizable by fans at a glance. They appear across social accounts, on jerseys, gaming intros, and anything else incorporated with the team or gamer. This post will go over the reasons you should have a gaming logo, design ideas, and where you can get a gaming logo designed. 

Reasons to Have a Gaming Logo

There are several reasons why you should have a gaming logo if you are a serious gamer, streamer, or are building a team. Here are a few:

  • Branding – gaming logos are a very important part of your stream branding. They will become associated with you, your team, and your brand. Over time, your fans will be able to quickly recognize you when they see your Tweets. 
  • Merchandise – people love to support their favorite gamers, streamers, and teams by purchasing merchandise with logos. If you design a visually appealing logo, it may be even more popular. 
  • Professionalism – when it comes to working with brands and potential gaming sponsors, a gaming logo is another way that you can show that you mean business. 

Who Should Have a Gaming Logo?

If you are one of the following, you may want to consider creating a gaming logo:

  • Team – if you are forming a team or part of one without a logo, consider creating one to bring you and your fans together. 
  • Pro Gamers – as you grow in popularity, having a logo for your brand will help with your overall branding.
  • Streamers – gaming logos can be used as your avatar, as part of a gaming intro, or in a variety of other ways to let your viewers identify you across platforms.

How to Design a Gaming Logo

There are many elements that make up a good design for your gaming logo. You will want to create something that represents you, your game, your audience, and your passion for gaming. Here are a few things you can consider:

  • Lettering/Fonts – If you use words or letters as a part of your logo, take a look at several different fonts. Note that fonts have different connotations including whimsy, elegance, comedy, and energy. Find one that stands out to you. You can also stylize a letter to create a logo, such as the Faze logo resembles the letter F.  
  • Colors – colors also signify different meanings. Subconsciously, people think of certain qualities when seeing specific colors. If you already have a brand, try to use colors that work well with them 
  • Avatar/Character – avatars based on your likeness or characters can be a good addition to your gaming logo. 
  • 3D – always plan for the future. Consider how your logo would look in 3D in the event that you decide you want to create intros or videos where you can turn it. 

Look at other gaming logos for inspiration. You may find elements that you love and that you want to incorporate into your own logo. Take notes for when you talk to a designer or create your logo. 

Hire a Logo Designer

Having a professionally designed logo will help set you apart. Here are a few places you can find a designer to create for you:

  • Fiverr – Fiverr is an online freelance marketplace. You can find designers of all skill levels for a range of pricing. Many will give you a couple of revisions after they initially create your work so that you can get something that you like. 
  • Placeit – Placeit has several templates that you can use as a base to build your gaming logo. You can upload your own logo or customize one that they have. You can also add or edit text and change the fonts to something that suits your brand. 
  • Visuals by Impulse – VBI is a group of professional high-end designers. They are highly skilled and work with people who are sure of what they want. 

Design a Logo Yourself

If you have a good amount of creativity, you may be able to design the logo yourself. All you need is a clear idea of what you want, time, and design software. Popular software includes Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer, or GIMP. 

There is a significant learning curve for graphic design. For help, you can turn to tutorials on YouTube or look into SkillShare, a platform for training modules for several skill-building videos. 


A gaming logo is a good way to put a face on your brand so that you can be more recognizable over time. It also shows other brands that you take yourself seriously. 

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