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How to Get the Sub Button on Glimesh

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Are you tired of long affiliate grinds in order to get a sub button? If so, you’re in luck! Anyone on the platform can get their sub button on Day 1, provided they fill out just a little bit of basic information.

Subscriptions are currently the only way to make money directly on Glimesh, so this is something you will definitely want to set up. For additional ways to monetize your content, you can check out our article How To Make Money on Glimesh.

Glimesh Nolski Sub-ready Streamer

Once you get yourself a sub button, you’ll see text that reads “Sub-ready streamer” below your profile picture.

Glimesh Sub Button Requirements

Unlike many of the other streaming platforms, with Glimesh, you don’t have to reach a specific follower count, average viewership, watch time, etc. Any metric you possibly can think of is totally irrelevant when it comes to being labeled a “sub-ready streamer” and getting your very own sub button. There are however just a few things to know before you get your subscription button:

Glimesh Payouts Manage Stripe Account
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    Your Location

    Setup Glimesh Payouts Select your country

    Where you live will definitely be a factor. You will have to be in one of the 55 countries that currently support Glimesh payouts. Simply click the “Select Your Country” tab for a drop-down list of all countries where this is available. If you like in an area that is not on the list, unfortunately, you will have to wait until your country is added.

  • wallet

    Stripe Account

    Glimesh payouts

    After selecting an eligible country, you will be prompted to set up a Stripe account. Stripe has partnered with Glimesh, ensuring secure payments and financial services for all users. You will need to provide an email address and phone number, along with completing a confirmation text.

  • check


    After completing the text confirmation, it’s going to require you to fill out a few more personal details. Next up, it will ask you for your legal name, home address, and social security number. (Remember to keep this information as safe as possible!)

    Glimesh business details

    After that, it will ask for either a business website or a product description. Remember to keep this as professional as possible because your subscribers will see the name of this field when they get charged. If you don’t have a website to put in this field, you can click on “add a product description instead” to write a short description about what goods or services you are offering.

    Lastly, you’ll have to connect a bank account or debit card to the Stripe account. Once again, please try to keep this highly sensitive information secure. Once you fill this out, you’ll be ready to start receiving subs!

    Glimesh subscribe

    While viewing a sub-ready profile, the subscribe button will be visible in the top right corner. Along with the subscriber button, I would also recommend setting up a few off-platform methods in order to monetize your Glimesh channel. This includes going into your account settings and adding CashApp or PayPal links in the section titled “Profile Content”, making a merch store, adding affiliate links, and more.

    You can disconnect your bank account or card from Stripe at any time. If you wish to delete your Glimesh account, or need any sort of general assistance, you can contact them directly at for additional support.


Considering the platform’s current state, if you are searching for the absolute quickest path to monetizing your channel, Glimesh may be perfect for you. You can create an account and become eligible to receive subs in just minutes. Keep in mind that just because you can earn subs, doesn’t necessarily mean that you will earn subs. If you are creating content that others see value in, this is when you will begin gaining subscriptions. This applies to any platform.

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