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How to Earn Twitch Channel Points

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Channel points are a Twitch feature that creates interaction between viewers and streamers. They are earned through watching the channel, donating, and talking in chat. They can be redeemed for the prizes that streamers have set up on their channel.

Whether you want to use channel points to say “hello” for the first time, encourage your favorite streamer to drink more water, or choose an emote to use for the next 24 hours, using channel points to unlock special perks can make watching a particular channel substantially more entertaining.

This post will teach you how to earn channel points on Twitch, how to see how many points you have, and how to use those channel points on your Twitch account.

How Much Do Twitch Channel Rewards Cost?

Not only can creators make custom rewards, but streamers are able to determine the price of each channel reward. Creators will weigh rewards costs differently depending on what they want for their channel. For instance, some streamers may want to reward loyal fans who can’t afford a subscription tier by allowing them to unlock emotes for a special price, whereas others may want to reserve emotes only for people who sub. In that instance, they may still allow people to unlock emotes, but for far more points.

In addition to the default rewards, streamers can also create additional custom rewards on their channel that will vary from community to community. Streamers will often use custom rewards that are popular on other channels within their category or team so that viewers can learn what to expect. It is always best to have a few custom rewards specific for your community as well, to play on special moments or memes.

In order to view the rewards and prices of your favorite channel, you will need to do the following:

  1. Step 1

    Visit a channel when it is live. 

  2. Step 2

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    Click on your channel points number underneath the message box. (Here is where you will be able to see how many channel points you have on that channel as well as the custom name the streamer chose for those points).

  3. Step 3

    Scroll through the options to view every reward offered on the channel as well as their prices. Streamers will often add a custom channel point icon to make the experience a little more unique to their channel page.

How to Earn Channel Points

Viewers earn channel points through watching the streamer, following and subscribing, participating in raids, and donating to the streamer. While subscribers will earn more points (and can then be eligible for more reward options), non-subscribers can also save up for their favorite channel perks. Here is a breakdown of the points and eligibility:

ActionAvailabilityPoints Earned
Watch a channel for 5 minutesAnyone+10
Click to redeem channel points (every 15 minutes)Anyone+50
Watch channel for 5 minutes as a subSubscribers+20
Click to redeem channel points as a sub (every 15 minutes)Subscribers+100
Follow the streamers (points only given once per channel)Anyone+300
Cheer for the first time on a channel (resets every 30 days)Anyone+350
Gift a sub on a channel (one reward for every 30 days)Anyone+500
Join a raid at the end of a streamAnyone+250

Viewers can also earn bonus points if they return to a channel every time it goes live based on their current streak. To count as a streak, each stream must be at least 10 minutes long with at least a 30-minute break between them. These points are available to anyone who frequently watches the channel. The breakdown is as follows:

Watch StreakPoints Earned
2 Consecutive Streams+300
3 Consecutive Streams+350
4 Consecutive Streams+400
5 Consecutive Streams+450

In addition to the above tables, viewers can earn channel points through the predictions perk. Occasionally, a streamer will allow their audience to “bet” on something that will happen later on stream. People in chat can bet their channel points for a limited time. Once the “prediction” comes true, the streamer will pay out the channel points to the audience.

Can Twitch Channel Points Be Reset?

At this time, there is no way for the number of Twitch Channel points to be reset by the streamer or the viewer. If a viewer wants to start with zero points again, they need to spend them all on current rewards. 

That being said, Twitch streamers can change the price of default rewards in the channel points program, and add or change custom rewards (both what they are and how much they cost) whenever they wish.

Can Channel Points on Twitch Transfer?

Neither you nor the streamer can transfer points to another viewer in the same channel. You are also unable to transfer the points to use on another channel. You can only use the points on default rewards or custom rewards within the chat window of the channel where you earned them.

You will need to earn points in each specific channel in order to use those channel point rewards. That being said, you can watch enrolled channels even when you are AFK, racking up those points over time.

How Can You See How Many Channel Points You Have?

The number of channel points you have will be shown next to the symbol the streamer picked for the reward. It is located beneath the “send message” box undernet the channel chat window. This number will chan as you earn points over time. In order for you to collect them, a streamer must enable channel points for their channel.

Twitch Channel Points Auto-Clicker

Want to clear the bonus channel points that you get on a channel without having to click the button? There is a Chrome extension called the Twitch Channel Points Autoclicker. When added to your Chrome browser, the auto-clicker will claim your channel points whenever they become available. That way, you can enjoy the stream without having to check the bonus points. 

Twitch Channel Points Hack

While there is no way for you to hack the system without risk to your computer, you can always earn base points from watching the stream. Even if you know you won’t be around, keep your device on and open to the streamer’s channel when they go live. You could earn a few hundred points while you are out and about. You can also install the auto-clicker plugin mentioned above. 


Channel points are a fun addition to every channel. Saving them up over time may allow you to unlock great prizes and customized rewards. While the streamer is allowed to add custom rewards at a whim or change the prices at any point, the choices of how you spend your channel points are up to you. 

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