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How to Design Your Twitch Banner

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Your Twitch banner appears behind your trailer and content when your Twitch channel is offline.

What Size Should Your Twitch Banner Be?

It is recommended to design your Twitch Banner to be 1200px by 480px. The file must be less than 10MB and needs to be in a JPEG, PNG, or GIF file format. The image will be adjusted by the size of the viewer’s screen. If the user has a smaller screen or has their windows minimized, the image will be shrunk from the right side. Any information from the right side will disappear first. 

While you can create it broader than that for larger screens, your Twitch banner will most often be seen by mobile users and people searching for friends and follower lists.

Where Will Your Twitch Banner Be Seen?  

Your Twitch banner can be seen behind your trailer and other content when you are offline. It will also be seen on friend/follower listings. 

argylesky away

People will mostly interact with your Twitch Banner on mobile devices. Your banner will appear “cropped” generally from both sides of the banner. Only the center portion will show. 

How to Design a Twitch Banner

Your Twitch banner should represent your overall branding. You can choose to incorporate your colors, logo, or other aspects. There are several things you should consider when building your stream brand.

Bear in mind how the graphic will work. Place the most essential elements in the center, then to the left, then right. Keep it aesthetically pleasing. If you are working with a designer, make sure that they understand your concept and the limitations of the design. 

Find a way to design it to be a sharp, branded image on its own, as well as a good “background” for your profile picture when people see it on friends and follower listings. 

Alternatively, design it as an “Easter egg” for your followers to find. Make it an inside joke or just a portion of your brand. Twitch banners don’t carry the same weight that they used to now that they are automatically hidden when using your desktop computer or laptop.

Twitch Banner Design Resources

While we recommend getting all of your Twitch graphics done professionally, there are a few places online where you can easily create a Twitch banner in a matter of minutes. We have gathered three resources for you:

  • PlaceIt – helps you create a custom banner quickly. They have a large selection of graphics and fonts. 
  • Snappa – has several templates to help you start. Change colors and customize as you wish. 
  • Design Wizard – design your banner quickly and easily through the template tools at Design Wizard. You can customize text, color, and images to create a banner that is true to your brand.
  • Adobe Spark – access thousands of images for free and use them to create your own banner!

Twitch Banner Designers

If you are looking for a professional touch, we recommend the following:

  • Fiverr – Fiverr is the largest online marketplace when it comes to graphic designers. Start by looking through portfolios to find designs that suit your channel. Artists who regularly work on stream graphics are recommended as they will be familiar with size requirements and Twitch TOS branding guidelines.
  • Visuals By Impulse – if you have a healthier budget, Visuals by Impulse create fantastic custom graphics for all of your Twitch needs. They are very selective with who they choose to work with so be sure you have a clear concept in mind before inquiring.

A Twitch Biography

A Twitch bio will also be seen when people look at your banner on their mobile devices. This 300-character snippet can add quick details about you and your stream for mobile users.

Twitch Banner Examples

We have collected four examples of Twitch banners to show you as examples. We will go over what we like about them to give you ideas going forward. 

ARUU banner
ARUU‘s banner is perfectly designed to show off her name, graphics, and the brands she works with. Everything is situated in a visually appealing way.
mxiety banner
MXiety‘s banner shows her name on one side and her image on the other. Her image shows that she is thoughtful and that she is serious about her subject matter, mental health.
sandexperiement banner
SandExperiment creates beautiful art with sand. Her banner shows an image of sand that is artistic and visually pleasing, and perfectly shows what her content is all about.
DeeDeeDoodlez banner
DeeDeeDoodlez has a very fun and unique name. While her banner may not be “professionally designed,” it is very reflecting on her branding and brings a smile to our face.


Remember to keep your Twitch banner on brand and to design it with your target audience in mind. Think mobile friendly and retain the best part of the image in the center. To see our list of other graphics that you’ll need on Twitch, read our Twitch Graphics Guide

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