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How to Delete, Disable or Reactivate Your Twitch Account

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Many streamers decide to switch to another platform. Several things could influence their decision. Facebook Gaming, Mixer, and YouTube Gaming are all picking up in popularity and people are more inclined to visit streaming sites outside of Twitch.

In the last half of 2019, two major Twitch streamers, Shroud and Ninja, packed their bags and left for Mixer. In their wake, many others were left asking, “Should I switch platforms too?” Other well-known streamers have also left for YouTube Gaming or Facebook Gaming. 

We will cover common reasons in this article to help you determine if you want to leave. We will also go over how to disable your accounts. 

How to Delete Twitch Account

If you choose to delete your Twitch channel, login to your account, click your avatar on the top-right corner, then scroll down to settings. At the bottom of the settings page, you’ll find a section called “Disabling Your Twitch Account.”

disabling delete twitch account

Click the “Disable account” button to go to another page.

account to disable twitch

Ensure that you’ve selected the right account to disable, then fill out the form with any relevant information you want Twitch to know, then click the “Disable Account” button.

How to Reinstate a Disabled Twitch Account

While there isn’t an automatic way that you can reinstate your account, you can contact Twitch support. They generally get back to you within a week’s time. They can restore your account and help you with any other issues. 

Why You Should Delete Your Twitch Channel

You should only disable your account if you are quitting the platform and are positive you won’t ever want to use it again. If you have friends on the platform and don’t want their messages to go unanswered, disable the account. If you wish, you can let them know how to reach you on Discord or other social media sites before you leave. 

If you have multiple Twitch accounts (or social media accounts in general), you may want to cut back. Again, let your friends that are connected to that account know how to reach you so that you can stay in contact with them.

Why You Shouldn’t Delete Your Twitch Channel

Keeping your Twitch account active lets your old following interact with your VODs and clips. It keeps your brand intact and makes it less likely that someone will try to take credit for your work. An additional benefit of keeping your channel makes it so that you can easily return the platform in the future if you wish. 

Even if you no longer want to stream, you can use your account to watch other streams and engage in their communities. If you have your Twitch account synced with Amazon Prime, you can still subscribe to another steamer using Prime Gaming. Prime Gaming offers many other benefits as well. 

Should You Delete Your Twitch Account?

Whether you delete your Twitch account or keep it active is up to you. Twitch doesn’t fully delete an account, only disables it. Any information that you don’t delete can still be seen even after you disable your account. Delete anything you won’t want the general public to access. 

If you choose to disable your account, make sure to let your social media following know where you are headed so that they can find you in your new home. You should also talk to your team or people you collaborate with so that there isn’t any confusion in the future. There will be nothing left on your old channel to direct them otherwise. 


Keeping your old channel allows you to maintain some necessary information (such as links to your social media). You can even change your offline banner to direct them to seek out updates on Facebook, Twitter, or the account of your choice. We don’t recommend directing them to a competitor site on the banner or in your original platform’s profile. To learn other ways to utilize your offline screen, read our post, How to Make an Offline Banner for Twitch. 

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