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How to Clip On a YouTube Live Stream

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Clipping moments that happen on a Stream is essential for letting your audience know about the funny, interesting, or downright epic moments that happen on your streams. They can sift through clips of the streams they missed to catch your best moments on-air and clips can also be a way to diversify your content to other social media platforms.

Initially, Twitch fostered the culture of clipping moments in a Stream, but now live streaming giant YouTube Gaming has decided to implement this feature. Clipping on YouTube Gaming is really straightforward, and not only can you do it on a live stream but you can also clip on video content!

How to Clip on YouTube Live

Currently, YouTube clipping is a new feature and has only been rolled out to a select few channels. The official announcement video from Creator Insider has been specifically selected to let any user clip. Let’s dive in, so when clips get rolled out to everyone you’re ready to start!

Here’s how you will be able to clip on YouTube:

  1. Step 1

    When visiting a YouTube video you’ll be greeted by a new “Clip” icon next to the like and dislike buttons. Once you click this you’ll begin editing your 60 second YouTube clip.

  2. Step 2

    Once you click on the “Clip” button, you’ll be shown a new event box that allows you to make a title for your clip, adjust the clips starting and endpoint, and publish the clip to YouTube.

  3. Step 3

    Once you give it a title and a duration, the share clip button will light up and now you can share your Clip to YouTube! All you need to do is click the “share clip” button and you’ll be able to share the select clip with social channels, create embeds, or send it to a small group of friends.

  4. Step 4

    Once your clip is published you’ll be able to navigate to the clips section. This displays all the clips you have created. This clip shows the Title you set, the original video’s thumbnail, and also the duration of the clip.

  5. Step 5

    Lastly, if you click to view the clip, it will play the segment you have clipped and will also give you the option to either share the clip on other platforms or watch the entire video.

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Who Can Create Clips on YouTube Gaming?

    Currently, only select channels can use the clipping feature on YouTube. This will slowly roll out to more and more users as the feature becomes more robust. You can test clipping on the YouTube video linked here.

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    How Long Are YouTube Clips?

    Clips are 60 seconds long, you can set your own custom start and endpoint on any live stream or VOD; provided clipping is enabled for your account. It is the perfect way of showcasing special moments of what would otherwise be an hours-long video.

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    Where Can Viewers Find a YouTube Clip on Your Channel?

    Your viewers will be able to find YouTube clips on the original video’s watch page. They can either follow a link to the original video or look for popular clips by browsing your channel. This is a good way for new viewers to know what your live streams are about without having to watch a full video.

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    Why is a Video Clip No Longer Available on a YouTube Channel?

    Clips are short highlights of longer videos on your channel. They are not individual YouTube videos. If you delete or hide a YouTube video or live stream where the clips feature had been used, any clips made from that original video will also be hidden or deleted.


Once you have the ability to clip a YouTube highlight from your live streams, you’ll be able to find new ways to market your brand. You can bring in new viewers to your live streams by sharing these short videos on your Twitter, TikTok, or other social networks.

Streamers also have the ability to limit who is able to create clips. They can choose to do them all themselves or allow their viewers to clip a YouTube highlight as well.

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