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How to Donate Bits on Twitch Mobile

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Bits are a form of Twitch currency that users can give to content creators as a way to donate and support the stream. They can be purchased starting from $1.40 USD for 100 bits, and with discounts for buying in bulk amounts (up to $308 for 25,000 bits). For every 100 bits that are cheered the streamer gets paid $1 USD.

To purchase bits, either select the get bits button at the top right of your page next to your profile or click on the bits icon in your chatbox on stream and select the get bits prompt which will display you all the different packages available for purchase. It is also possible to earn small amounts of bits through watching ads, however, this feature is not always available, and in some locations, it is entirely disabled.

How to Give Bits on Twitch from PC

There are two ways to cheer bits on Twitch. For the first method follow these steps:

Step 1: Click on the bits icon in the chatbox, the cheermote selection menu should open for you. Here you can select which cheermote you would like attached to your cheer.

Step 2: Now you can select the number of bits you would like to cheer by either choosing one of the default options from the menu, or by editing the chat message to change to a custom amount of bits to cheer.

Step 3: Once you’ve checked that your cheer amount and any attached message is as you want it to be, you can hit send and the cheer will be made.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to go through with using a custom cheermote you can simply type cheer and any number following it into chat (eg. cheer100) and it will use the original bits gems icons attached with your cheer.

How to Send Bits on Twitch Mobile

Cheering bits on mobile works very much the same as it does on the desktop. To do so simply:

Step 1: Look for the bits icon in your chat box at the bottom right of the screen, select the cheermote you wish to use with your donation.

Twitch bits cheers

Step 2: Select the number of bits you wish to cheer by selecting one of the default recommended amounts, or by entering in your own custom amount.

Step 3: When you’re happy with your selections just hit send and you’ll see your cheer go through and the streamer will receive your bits.

Different Bit Cheermotes

There are 5 different default bit Cheermotes, which are made available to the user based on how many bits they are cheering at a time. 

The first one is a grey triangle which is available on cheers ranging from 1-99 bits. The next available is a purple diamond, which covers cheers from 100-999 bits. The third range is 1,000-4,999 bits, which is shown by a cyan pentagon icon. The 5,000-9,999 bit range is shown by a blue hexagon icon, and the final cheermote is a red star that covers cheers of 10,000 bits.

Cheer Chat Badges

Cheer chat badges are a way for a viewer to show off the number of bits they have donated to a specific channel overall.

They unlock at certain thresholds, initially following the same pattern as the different cheermotes, but continuing past the 10,000 cheermote max with the next one being 25,000 bits. A chat badge can only be used in the channel where it was earned, and it will last indefinitely in that channel.

Unlock Channel Emotes with Bits

A channel can have its own custom emotes unlock after people reach a specific threshold of total bits donated. The first slot available is at 1,000 bits cheered, and then they continue to unlock at the same thresholds as the cheer chat badges. So the second unlock is 5,000 bits, then 10,000, and so on. This is a fun way to give viewers an extra incentive for cheering and the ability for the channel to have extra emotes available.

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