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How to Change Your Twitch Username in 2021 [5-Step Guide]

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Twitch allows you to change your Twitch name once every 60 days. All you have to do is go to your profile settings, find your username, then click the option beside your name. At that point, you will be able to select any Twitch username that isn’t currently in use.

How to Change Your Twitch Name

You can change your username in your settings under the “username” section on Twitch by completing the following steps:

Step 1: Log in to Twitch, then click your avatar on the upper right-hand side of your screen. 

twitch profile get bits

Step 2: Select the “settings” section on the drop-down menu. 

twitch settings dark theme

Step 3: In the profile settings section, you’ll see a space for your username. The edit button is located to the right of it. Click the button. 

twitch username dashboard

Step 4: You may be redirected to insert your password and add verification through a token code sent to your phone. After you’ve inserted the required security measurements, you will be redirected to a page where you can enter your new username. 

twitch change username

Step 5: If the username is available, a green checkmark will appear. Double-check your name to make sure you typed it correctly, then press update. You may need to type in your password again. 

Twitch Username is Taken but Not in Use

Twitch recycles abandoned usernames every 6 months. If the name is taken you can download the Twitch Username and User ID Translator Google Chrome extension to detect user id and check activity so you’ll know if the username will be available soon.

How Long Does it Take Twitch Name to Change?

Your new username will be in effect as soon the moment you update it. Your followers and subscribers will remain on your account, and they’ll see that your name changed. 

How Often Can You Change Your Twitch Username?

Currently, you can change your Twitch name once every 60 days. We don’t recommend changing it often. Take the time to find an appropriate name for your brand and stick with it. 

Why You Should Change Your Twitch Username

There are a few situations where it is appropriate to change your Twitch name. We have listed a few for you to consider. 

  • Your username is challenging to pronounce. Even if you didn’t think pronunciation would be an issue when creating your name, if you notice that other streamers have difficulty pronouncing your name, it may be a good idea to change it. Some people will avoid talking about a person or a subject if they don’t know the correct pronunciation. Make it easy for others to talk about you. 
  • You have random numbers or letters in your name. Regardless of whether you added these to have a specific title or for style, having extra letters or numbers can make it difficult for your viewers to find your channel. This can include names such as XxPrincessPartyxX and Pr1nc35sP4rtyP4nt5. While people can work out your name, searching for your channel later can be a nightmare if they didn’t previously follow you. 
  • Your Name Closely Resembles A Well-Known Streamer. Even if they weren’t well-known when you began streaming, people will take your channel and your brand less seriously. Streamers aside, don’t use the names of celebrities or athletes either. While it’s okay to use these as a gamer tag, it will be harder for your community to search for you outside of Twitch. 
  • Your Name Doesn’t Match Your Twitch Brand. If your name is ZombieGutzEater and you primarily stream My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, you may want to rethink your name. A well-branded name should represent yourself, your content, and your community.
arcade name gamertag

What Should Your New Twitch Name Be?

Change your Twitch username to something that is easy to remember, well-brandable, and is relatable to your target audience.

Difficulties After Changing Your Twitch Username

There are a few potential side effects that come with changing your Twitch username, which is why you should avoid doing it if you can. These include:

  • Rebranding â€“ if your brand related to your username, you may have to change all of your emotes, graphics, and other aspects associated with the name. Changing the name DalmationsAreAGirlsBestFriend to 2021YoYoChamp would need serious rebranding. You can try to change to use a similar name to keep some elements of your original brand. 
  • Lost in the Crowd â€“ People who have been to your channel, but didn’t follow or subscribe may not be able to find you again. To circumnavigate this, Tweet your original username and your new one together. This way, some people will be able to find you again. Let your following know on Discord and other social media sites as well. 
  • Merchandising â€“ If you have already sold merchandise with your brand, your fans might not be too happy about a new name. 

How to Change Your Promotion After a Username Change

If the name changes your brand entirely, use it as an opportunity to get some new graphics for your channel.  Create some promotional material (both images and video) with your new name on them. Use great clips rebranded under your new name. You don’t want to be advertising highlight content with your old name and graphics.

If you have a significant social presence, be sure to blast news of the name change over Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. for at least a week after the name change. Frequently showing your following your new name will help them remember it.

7 Examples of Twitch Usernames That Work Well With Branding

Here are seven examples of usernames that are memorable and fit the streamer’s brand:

  • Misterwhisky â€“ the name is easy to say, and well brandable. As a baker, Misterwhisky uses a whisk, so it is also a play on words! 
  • PauperGanda â€“ a play on the word “propaganda” that sticks out and can easily be brandable. 
  • DuckSauce â€“ easy to remember and easy graphics. The name is very merchandise friendly as well. 
  • Crouching_tuna â€“ an amusing name that makes the view picture it in their head, letting them remember where to return in the future. 
  • Varvalian â€“ a unique name that rolls off the tongue. As it doesn’t mean anything, the streamer can focus their branding in another direction. Google searches for the name lead back to the channel. 
  • Sick_Nerd â€“ who doesn’t want this name? Very memorable and can be made into a myriad of community jokes and memes. 
  • CMillerMusic â€“ as a musician, his name is already his brand. While “ChrisMiller” might not define the channel enough (or it may already be taken), CMillerMusic showcases his name with his content. 


Take your time in picking your new username. You don’t want to have to change it too often. Take care in making sure it correlates to your brand.

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