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How to Celebrate Holidays With Your Stream Viewers

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Celebrating holidays with your viewers is a great way to have fun and build your community. There are dozens of holidays throughout the year, and with a little forethought and creativity, you can find unique ways to showcase them on your stream.

We have listed four major holidays that are celebrated around the world and a few ideas on how you can have fun with your viewers. We hope that these will get your creativity going and that you find many other ways to create fantastic content. 

new years fireworks

Celebrate New Years on Your Twitch Channel

Host a 24-hour marathon stream starting when the international date line breaks into the new year. Celebrate the new year with all your followers on the hour. If there are people from the individual time zones that hit midnight throughout the day, ask them what they hope for in the following year. 

Post 24 possible outcomes on a wheel spin generator, spin it once per hour and follow-through (then remove) the instructions until you have completed each task. To make this more interactive, have your viewers come up with ideas in the previous week. 

Easter Basket

Celebrate Easter on Your Twitch Channel

Have an Easter basket full of plastic eggs. Fill the eggs with Beanboozled Jelly Bean candies and physical tasks or on-stream challenges. When people donate or subscribe, pick an egg, eat the candies and perform the given task. Have a minimum donation amount (such as $2.50) for this activity. Your viewers will have fun watching your reaction and interacting with your steam in this way. 

If you don’t use a green screen, hide little eggs in your environment for your viewers to spot. Make some more difficult for others. Let your viewers know how many eggs are hidden and let them try to find them all. Don’t remove the eggs as they are found so that others can play as well. 

holiday witch cosplay

Celebrate Halloween on Your Twitch Channel

Halloween is arguably the easiest holiday to celebrate on stream. With so many horror games, it is easy to find appropriate content to set the mood. If you want a list, browse our post, 31 Spooky Games to Play During Halloween Season

Cosplay like your favorite video game character or blend two together and have your viewers guess your identity. Let your viewers post their Halloween costumes in one of your Discord channels.

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Celebrate Christmas on Your Twitch Channel

When December rolls around, consider doing a giveaway stream a couple of weeks before Christmas. Giveaway streams are very popular and, if combined with a 12 or 24-hour marathon stream, you can generally gain a lot of viewers. 

Wear ugly sweaters! Better yet, host an ugly sweater contest on your Discord server. Let people post pictures of themselves in Christmas sweaters and let people vote by adding reactions. You can also wear an elf-ear hat, a Santa hat, or other festive items. 

Give your moderators a gift to thank them for their hard work. It doesn’t necessarily have to be fancy. Steam often sells games at a discount around Black Friday. Buy a game that is within your genre or give them a gift card! Read How to Pick Mods for Your Stream for more information. 

Should You Celebrate Religious Holidays on Stream

Some people are completely put off by religious holidays, but this is rare. Most of the popular Christian religious holidays have “alternative” celebrations, like Santa Claus for Christmas or the Easter Bunny for Easter. Even if you want to celebrate the “true meaning” behind a holiday, most people won’t mind, even if they don’t agree with your point of view. 

Most people are genuinely curious about other beliefs and cultures, so if you love a religious holiday and want to celebrate it, do so. You may have a few arguments, but most of your viewers will want to understand your perspective more. Keep the atmosphere light and fun, and not entirely focused on religion. 

Be Creative

If a specific holiday stands out to you, find a way to celebrate it with your viewers. If you love St. Patrick’s Day, dress up like a leprechaun and host a gold-giveaway in a game you love. Wear a Guy Fawkes mask for Bonfire night. Write romantic couplets for new subscribers on Valentine’s Day. Change your overlay to your country’s flag on national holidays. There are many little ways that you can add fun and value to your stream during a holiday season. 

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