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How to Attract Twitch Raids

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What is a Twitch Raid?

A Twitch Raid occurs when one streamer is ending their stream and sends their active communities to another streamer’s channel. In a way, it is a recommendation for what the viewers should watch next or as a means to encourage growth on smaller channels. 

When Did Twitch Raiding Begin?

Raiding actually started out as a way to spread negativity. People on 4chan would plan out coordinated attacks on specific streamers (generally female), then join the stream at the same time to type out slurs or attack the channel in another way in order to hurt the streamer. 

Twitch took the idea and spun it on its head, implementing it into their programming so that it became a positive form of networking instead of a negative attack. Many smaller streamers enjoy a burst of encouragement after being raided. 

While the truth is that most viewers who come with a raid won’t end up staying with the stream or re-visiting it long term, occasionally they do. 

How to Attract Twitch Raids

While nothing is guaranteed, there are a few things you can do that will make your stream more attractive to potential raids. 

  • Network with other streamers – many (if not most) raids are sent to friends or acquaintances of the raiding streamer. They like to give their viewers a little information about the streamer they are visiting before they show up. Even if you don’t have any personal friends who also stream, join networking groups on Facebook or Discord and meet others. Don’t ask for raids. Go into it wanting to give more than you receive. 
  • Provide quality content – the better your content is, the more other streamers will want to connect with you. They want to give their viewers recommendations for a channel that is enjoyable and feel hyped about their decision. 
  • Good branding – while you may not be able to choose what your thumbnail looks like, making sure that your branding is on point and looks attractive most of the time will help your channel stand out better. Look into getting some free overlays for your stream to help dress it up. 
  • Raid other channels – raid other channels when you are done with streaming. While this doesn’t guarantee a return, people are more likely to return a favor when they can. To learn how to raid, read our post, How to Raid on Twitch: The Ultimate Networking Strategy

How to Make the Most Out of a Twitch Raid

When another streamer raids your channel, it is up to you to make the most out of the situation. First impressions are everything. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Show excitement – be genuinely thrilled that they have shown up to your channel. If they are spamming hype text, spam it too. Have your mods help you welcome them as though welcoming them to a party. 
  • Thank the streamer – thank the raiding streamer for their support and shout them out on your socials. If they raid you again in the future, consider approaching them about a collaboration (if they are a similar size to your own). Try to return the favor at a later date to introduce your community to theirs. 
  • Engage with the audience – be friendly, introduce yourself and your content and explain what your current goal is for the stream. Giving them a chance to be involved upfront may entice some of them to stay. Ask them what they just finished watching with the previous streamer and what they normally enjoy. 
  • Promote your socials and Discord – ask them to join your Discord and socials, but give them a reason to follow through. Explain to them the value of what you are doing and what you are trying to build. 

What is the Difference Between Hosting and Raiding on Twitch?

The key difference between hosting and raiding on Twitch is that hosting keeps your viewers in your channel while they view the other streamer. Raiding sends you and your viewers to the other channel. While raids are the best at the end of the stream, you can also host other people while you are offline. 

Watch your chat periodically for people hosting you. If you notice it, welcome those viewers and invite them to join your channel. Again, offer value to them. Give them a reason to leave their current channel and engage with you and your viewers. 


Have a plan set in place for how you will react to raids when they happen. Talk to your mods about what you would like them to do to create hype and help the transition. Even short-term boosts can do a lot for your stats, which may help you reach Twitch partnership. Make the most of the raids when they show up.

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