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How Much Mobile Data Does Twitch Use?

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Though many wireless companies have finally listened to their customers and offer unlimited plans, some plans are still capped. You may also need to pay attention to your data if you are using your device as a Mobile Hotspot.

Have you ever wondered how much mobile data Twitch uses?

The answer depends on a few factors, including the quality of the stream and the length of the broadcast. To give you an idea of how much data Twitch uses, we’ve compiled some rough estimates in the tables below.

What Uses Data When You’re Streaming on Twitch?

There are a few things that factor into the data you use while streaming on Twitch. Several things will affect how much data you are using:

  • The quality of your stream (resolution)
  • Data used playing an online (or mobile) game
  • Reading comments from the chat
  • Watching your stream on another device 

Each of these will affect your bitrate. In addition to overage charges or slowed speeds when you reach your data cap, trying to stream too much information can cause a lag on your channel. Laggy streams are unbearable to watch. Overall, unless you know for sure that you have enough data, you may want to stream at a lower quality than you normally would. 

Interestingly enough, your resolution and FPS (frames per second) don’t affect your data very much. You may be able to up your FPS to 60 (from 30) for a slightly better stream. 

Twitch Streaming Data Per Hour

The following chart shows how much internet data you will use per hour when streaming on Twitch. 

ResoulutionBitrate (kb/s)Data Per HourMin Time to 1 GBMin Time to 5GB
240p500.225GB4hr, 25min22hr, 5min
360p600-800.27-.36GB3hr, 42min18hr, 30min
480p900-1200.405-.54GB2hr, 27min12hr, 15min
720p1800-2500.81-1.125GB1hr, 13min6hr, 5min
1080p3000-35001.35-1.57GB44min3hr, 40min

Ultimately, several things could influence just how much data you are using when you live stream. Your safest bet would be to run a test using your device. Check your data before and after your stream and see how much you used while broadcasting for 15 minutes. Multiply that number by 4 for an approximate hourly rate.

Keep Track Over Time

Get in the habit of checking your data before and after each stream to ensure that you maintain a healthy data rate and won’t find yourself capped or overrun with fees. 

The best way to honestly know how much data you use per hour with your setup is to track it over time. While calculators can help you with a rough estimate, they can’t factor in every single moment of a stream. Keep a spreadsheet of how long you streamed, what settings you used, and how much data was consumed. Over time, you’ll be able to figure out what settings you should use to balance quality and bitrate for yourself.

Check with Your Wireless Carrier

Check with your Wireless provider. Data caps are quickly becoming a thing of the past for “lower quality” internet. For instance, Verizon’s plans will cap you on their 5G internet, but you will get unlimited 4G LTE data on their new unlimited plans. If you are on an older plan, talk to your provider to see if you can upgrade. 

Most providers will also give you a Mobile Hotspot allotment for additional fees. This can be useful when you are running additional devices requiring internet for your stream. 

Can You Stream Twitch on 3G?

Streaming live gameplay can be a challenge when using a 3G connection. While it is technically possible to stream over 3G, the quality of the stream will likely be poor, and it will be very laggy. In addition, you will use up a lot of data very quickly. For these reasons, it is generally not recommended to stream over 3G. If you want to stream your gameplay, it is best to connect to a Wi-Fi network whenever possible.

How Much Data Does Watching Twitch Use?

If you are on an older data plan or using Mobile Hotspot to watch Twitch, here is how much data you will be using:

ResolutionData Per HourTime to 1 GBTime to 5BG
240p-320p.3GB3hr, 20min16hr, 40min
480p.7GB1hr, 25min7hr, 5min
720p.9GB1hr, 6min5hr, 30min
1080p1.5GB40min3hr, 20min
2K3GB20min1hr, 40min

You can manually lower the quality of the streams on your mobile device to reduce your bitrate.

Try to Use Public Wi-fi

When available, try to use public Wi-fi. While Wi-fi isn’t as powerful as cable internet, it can be better than your phone’s internet plan. There is also the added benefit that, when using Wi-fi, you’re not using your data. To read more, read our post, Best Settings for Streaming on Wi-fi

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