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How Mixer Streamers Make Money

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Streamers on Mixer can make money through crowdfunding opportunities, sponsorships, and doing services for other streamers. This post will go over each way so that you can maximize your earning potential on your platform.

How Do Mixer Streamers Make Money?

Mixer streamers can earn money from donations, subscriptions, and tips via platform currencies (Sparks and Embers). They can also work with sponsors, earn through affiliate marketing, or sell merchandise. If they sell and have special skills, they can market those to other streamers who need help in specific areas.

Crowdfunding Opportunities for Mixer Broadcasters

One of the primary ways that Mixer streamers will earn from broadcasting early on in their channel is through support from their viewers. Viewers can support Mixer streamers by donating to them through third-party apps, tipping with sparks or embers, or by subscribing to their channel. 

Mixer partners will have a greater benefit from on-platform currencies than non-mixer partners. Viewers will be able to subscribe to their channels and they will be able to use sparks to boost their ember earnings. 

How to Become a Partner on Mixer

To become a partner on Mixer, you need to meet the following metrics:

  • Your account need to be 2 months old or older
  • You should have at least 2,000 followers
  • Your channel is live 12 or more days per month
  • You stream at least 25 hours per month
  • You follow the Terms of Service and Rules of User Content

Once you have met those metrics, you will need to apply for a partnership. Mixer will look at your channel, your concurrent viewers, your overall following, and will gauge whether or not to promote you on site. 


What Are Mixer Embers?

Mixer uses “Embers” as their virtual currency much in the same way that Twitch uses bits. Users can purchase them from Mixer and donate them to monetized streamers. When donating embers, viewers are able to choose a sticker and type a message that will be highlighted in the chat. 

Each ember donated to a streamer is worth one $.01 (USD), though partners may be able to get more if they are donated sparks (see below). Broadcasters will be paid when they receive 5,000 ($50 worth) or more embers. 

Do You Have to be a Partner to Earn Embers on Mixer?

You don’t necessarily have to be partnered to accept embers at tips, but you do need to apply for monetization. You can apply from the left side of the screen on your Mixer dashboard. The platform will look to see if you are following their terms and conditions and gauge your viewer engagement before making a decision. 

What Are Mixer Sparks?

Mixer viewers also earn “Sparks” by watching and participating in channels. They can use or donate those Sparks to a channel, which goes to the broadcasters “Sparks milestones,” which can be redeemed for cash bonuses by partners. 

When partners receive sparks, they will boost their chances of receiving a higher bonus on embers donated, so even if you can’t donate embers, your sparks can help increase your favorite streamer’s pay. 

How Much Are Mixer Subscriptions?

Mixer’s channel subscriptions run at $4.99. The split between Mixer and streamer varies per user. Viewers will be able to enjoy ad-free viewing, access to the channel emotes (that they can use throughout Mixer) and get twice as many sparks while watching the channel. 

Note: There has been some confusion about subscriptions costing $7.99 because of Mixer’s Pro Subscription service. This is a platform subscription, not a channel subscription.

Can Mixer Streamers Collect Donations?

Mixer streamers can collect donations through 3rd party companies (such as Streamlabs). You can put a link in your description and your viewers can donate through it.

Other Ways Mixer Streamers Earn Money

In addition to crowdfunding, Mixer streamers have the opportunity to earn through merchandising or working with specific brands. 

Create Merchandise for Your Mixer Channel

After you have built a decent-sized following, consider selling branded merchandise on your channel. There are several places where you can source your own mech when the time comes, including the following:

  • SE Merch (Stream Elements merch) – streamers can create merchandise through their platform. You don’t have to worry about purchasing stock to have on hand. Stream Elements will fill your orders for you and provide customer service to your patrons. 
  • Design by Humans – create many things through this platform, including backpacks and mousepads. Design by Humans works with several streamers to help set up merch stores.

Use Affiliate Marketing to Showcase Products You Love

If there are items that you frequently use on stream, you may be able to sell them through Affiliate marketing. Link to appropriate sites from your profile. Many streamers link to the gear they use, items that are placed around the room, or software that they use. When a viewer uses those links to purchase the same item, you will receive a small commission.

Find Sponsors Who Want to Support Your Channel 

Eventually, you will get the chance to work with sponsors on your channel. Sponsors are happy to work with smaller streamers as long as their content is good and they are clearly headed for success. Be selective with whom you work with and choose companies that you are passionate about. Don’t sign anything until you have read everything thoroughly and have sought out advice. 

Special Services Offered to Other Streamers

If you have developed strong skills in a specific area of streaming or channel building, you may be able to market your services to other broadcasters. Here are a few ways on how you can do that:

Branding and Graphics

Designers are always in high demand when it comes to stream channels. Streamers want custom graphics, emotes, and more. If you have a strong artistic ability, you may be able to create graphics for other broadcasters. 

Content Coach

Help other streamers create better content for their streams by becoming a content coach. You can go over VODs with them and point out areas where they can improve and draw in new viewers. As people see results, you will be able to use them as references for future work.

Troubleshooting Support

Many streamers will periodically have issues with their stream setups or broadcasting software. If you have a knack on how to configure things well, you can offer technical support to other streamers. 

Video Editing

Editing videos for YouTube is a great way to trickle in viewers to your Twitch channel even when you are offline. Creating entertaining content can be more tricky. If you have strong editing skills, market that talent to other streamers who are trying to build up their own YouTube channels. 


There are several ways you can monetize your Mixer channel over time. If you are dedicated to finding new ways to bring in new viewers and creating quality content, you may be able to earn some extra cash over time.

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