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How Many Twitch Streamers Are There?

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According to statistics, Twitch is currently the largest live streaming platform with an estimate of 8 million active streamers, down from 9.2 million active streamers, broadcasting each month on the site and a massive 127,000 individual broadcasts going on at any given time. In just 4 years, Twitch has managed to triple its user base as you can see in the chart below.

number of Twitch streamers

Riot Games’ League of Legends, being the largest video game on the streaming service, is home to a lot of these creators with over 43 billion hours watched, and 31.6 million followers at this time.

Though these statistics only reflect the active streamers, there are a lot more channels that are a little more inactive than they had hoped to be – after all it is easy to start streaming games, not necessarily easy to maintain it. After all, the initial excitement can wear off without the help of sites and services like Stream Scheme.

What makes Twitch so special though, is not only all the streamers, but the active and growing community made up of affiliates, partners, and just Twitch users is where the platform really shines. In this article, we are going to be looking at how large a service Twitch really is!

How Many Twitch Users Are There?

Though it is hard to determine the exact number of Twitch accounts, the site boasts a large 26.5 million daily active users – around 140 million active users on Twitch monthly at this time. The yearly average concurrent viewership for Twitch is also at its highest, with an estimated 2.84 million users using the service at the same time in 2021.

twitch viewers

According to Twitch stats, many of these accounts are made up of a young audience, as is most of the gaming world. An estimated 75% of Twitch are under the age of 35. This is why it is important for the platform to have efficient content moderation in place, something other platforms such as YouTube are said to be lacking.

Twitch’s highest viewership happened in June 2020 when the platform reached a huge 6.5 million users, this is a huge achievement that many other services have not even got close to this date. The only exception to this is of course YouTube as the platform others a little more than just a gaming community and has millions of more daily active users.

Though Twitch stats seem to be growing at a slower pace than previously, Twitch’s audience is still the largest for a service of this type according to statistics. There is a reason millions of creators gather on the service each day to create and watch live content from games to anime watch parties.

How any Twitch Streamers Have Made the Affiliate Program

Reaching Twitch affiliate is the first step to making streaming a career. To join the Twitch affiliate program you will need; 50 followers, broadcast 500 minutes or more, 7 unique streams, and an average of 3 viewers over the course of a 30 day period. This may sound easy with a large number of active users on the platform, however, at this time, statistics state there are an estimated 740,000 Twitch affiliates that play games.

Number of Channels with More than 5 Viewers

The reason for this number is so low compared to active channels is that many broadcasters find it hard to surpass the 1 average viewers deadzone. In fact 95% of streamers on Twitch average 0-5 concurrent viewers on Twitch. This means that out of 127,000 active streamers, only 6,350 channels are averaging above 5 viewers.

How Many Twitch Partners are There

As of September 2021, there are approximately 51,500 Twitch partners. Twitch’s partner program is a little harder to join than becoming an affiliate. To become a partner you will need; to stream for 25 hours, 12 unique streams and an average of 75 viewers over the course of a 30 day period.

As you can imagine, it doesn’t come easy having 75 people watching at the same time despite the platform having millions of users returning to the platform each week. Statistics show that most users will spend 95 minutes on Twitch, so most people can expect to see drops throughout their streams.

Popular Channels on Twitch

You will find all of the most popular Twitch channels are partners. Ninja’s channel with 16.9 million followers and Tfue’s channel with 10.7 million followers are the most followed Twitch channels. Though many larger streamers have grown their presence using other services rather than just playing games on Twitch, there are still many popular streamers who create content and play games exclusively on Twitch who have achieved just as great things as those who do not.


Looking at Twitch statistics, it is easy to see why it is the largest service for live gaming content. For most Twitch is still a platform for gamers, though the platform now sees a more diverse community compared to previous years with categories like art, music, or just chatting being watched by millions.

With approximately 8 million unique individuals enjoying it, I think it’s safe to say other services have a little competition cut out for them if they are going to try to overtake Twitch.

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Arry, also known as ArryBo, is a full time Partnered Twitch streamer from the southeast of England! Video gaming and music are two of the passions he shares on his stream.

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