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What is Twitch Turbo?

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Twitch Turbo is similar to Prime Gaming, formerly Twitch Prime, in that it is a monthly subscription offered on Twitch. With Turbo, viewers will get several perks including ad-free viewing, custom chat usernames, expanded emoticons, and priority customer support.

If you want to watch Twitch without ads, you can sign up for Twitch Turbo, a monthly subscription that offers several perks when you watch live streams from your Twitch account. Turbo can also help you jump to the top of the support log, meaning you should experience smoother sailing than most on the platform.

This post will go over the benefits you will receive as a Twitch Turbo subscriber, as well as compare the package to Prime Gaming so that you can determine the best option for you on Twitch.

What Benefits Do You Get with Twitch Turbo?

Twitch users who are willing to pay the monthly subscription program for Twitch Turbo can expect the following benefits: 

  1. Ad-free Viewing on Every Channel

    You will no longer have to watch the pre-roll, mid-roll, or any other ads that a streamer plays on any channel across Twitch. You will also avoid seeing display ads and companion ads. Many people are happy to pay the subscription amount just for the ad-free experience.

  2. Extended Broadcast Storage

    If you are a streamer, you will be able to save your VoDs on Twitch for 60 days instead of 14 days (2 weeks) if you get a subscription to Twitch Turbo. This will give your viewers and subscribers a bit longer to catch up on your past broadcasts, as well as give you a little extra time to download your Twitch videos for storage.

  3. Expanded Emote Set

    If you have Twitch Turbo (or Prime Gaming), you can choose between three different basic emote options – the standard emotes, the monkey emotes, or the chat/glitch emotes. You can change your choice at any time. 

  4. Twitch Turbo Exclusive Chat Badge

    With Twitch Turbo, you will be given an exclusive chat badge alongside your username in chat. The special chat badge is different than the other global badges on Twitch.

  5. Custom Chat Username Colors

    With Twitch Turbo (or Prime Gaming), you can change the color of your username to any hex color that you choose.  Custom chat username colors can help your favorite streamers quickly differentiate between people who are chatting on their page. Twitch Prime users also receive custom username colors.

  6. Priority Customer Support

    As a Twitch Turbo subscriber, your support questions will be pushed to the front of the line, allowing you to get the information you want fast. There are limited exceptions on what you can achieve from contacting Twitch support.

Twitch Turbo Settings

With Twitch Turbo, you are able to change your visual settings in the same way that Prime Gaming users do. You can

Twitch Turbo Settings

With Twitch Turbo, you are able to change your visual settings in the same way that Prime Gaming users do. You can choose a chat color and the type of emoticons that you wish to use. You can access these settings in the Prime Gaming section.

twitch turbo settings

How Much is Twitch Turbo? 

The Twitch Turbo subscription plan costs $8.99 per month and gives you chat customization perks and allows you to watch channels without ads. You can sign up for it on the Turbo page on Twitch. 

Twitch Turbo vs Prime Gaming

While there are many similarities between Twitch Turbo and Prime Gaming (which people receive for free when if they connect their Amazon Prime Subscriptions), there are a couple of main differences. Twitch Turbo allows viewers to watch any channel on the platform without ads. Prime Gaming gives a viewer the opportunity to subscribe to any channel for free once per month. 

The nice thing about a Prime Gaming subscription is that many people already subscribe to Amazon Prime. This means that all the added benefits (no ads on channels you are subscribed to, etc) can be received seemingly as a free subscription. Twitch Turbo subscribers, on the other hand, all have to purchase Turbo, although it will remove ads across the whole platform.

You can subscribe to both. In fact, many Twitch Prime users end up getting Turbo because they love not having to watch ads on their favorite Twitch channels. What can we say? Most people prefer an ad-free experience on Twitch.


Twitch Turbo helps to offset some of Twitch’s costs in running their platform. Subscribing with Turbo effectively allows users to enjoy Twitch without watching ads (one of the other ways that Twitch monetizes its business).

While Twitch Turbo isn’t for everyone who wants to connect with others on the platform, those who are willing to pay for the monthly subscription will be able to experience Twitch without ads, making it a very tempting offer for most Twitch users.

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