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As you stream on Facebook Gaming, you might want to eventually earn money from it. And, luckily, there is a way to do so. To be able to do so, you will need to get a gaming badge from the Facebook Level Up program. In order to be part of this, you will have to hit some requirements before your account gets reviewed. So if you want to generate money from streaming on Facebook Gaming, then here is an article with more information.

What is the Facebook Gaming Level Up Badge?

Facebook Gaming Level Up is a program that you can become a member of and makes you able to generate money from your Facebook page and gaming streams. When you’re a Level Up member, you can use stars, fan subscriptions, and in-stream adverts to generate your money.


  • You can live stream at 1080p 60fps resolution
  • Fans can send stars during your stream.
  • Supporters, which is the monthly subscription version for Facebook Gaming. Users will also receive a fan badge to show that they’re a supporter. However, this is limited to those who meet the proper criteria.
  • In-Stream Ads, these can be during your live, was live, or your VOD and are only available for those that meet the proper criteria.
  • Raids, which is sending your viewers to a different user.
  • Customized support.
  • Special Creator Events, but there are only limited slots for Level Up Creators
  • Gaming Support that are related to the gaming page.
  • Creator Group Support.

How to Get the Level Up Badge

To be able to monetize your Gaming stream on Facebook and become part of the Level Up program, you will have to do the following:

  1. Step 1

    Make sure you’re in a country that is eligible to be part of the Level Up program.

  2. Step 2

    Create a gaming video creator page or take your existing Facebook page and convert it to a gaming video creator page.

  3. Step 3

    Get 100 followers on that page.

  4. Step 4

    Stream at least 2 days with game content from your creator page in a consecutive 14-day period.

  5. Step 5

    In that same 14-day period you will have to stream for at least 4 hours from your creator page.

  6. Step 6

    If you have done the above steps, you can apply to be part of the program, your account will then be under review. Here it will be checked if your Facebook page meets the Community Standards and the Partner Monetisation Policies. If your page does then congratulations you can now start monetizing your Facebook page.

    All this information and your progress can be found in the Creator Studio. Besides doing the steps listed above, you also need to make sure that your Page uses the Video Page Template, otherwise, the badge won’t show up on your page.

What is the Facebook Gaming Partner Badge?

The Facebook gaming Partner badge is part of the partner program. This badge shows off that this user consistently makes good content, has followers that are engaged with your page, and is therefore supported by Facebook.

How to Get the Partner Badge

Becoming a Facebook gaming Partner isn’t something that you can immediately see when you become a Level Up creator. You still need to be invited to be able to apply for the Gaming Partner badge. When you get invited to be a Facebook Gaming Partner, you have to make sure you complete some extra steps before you can actually apply. There are 7 parts to becoming a Facebook gaming Partner.

  • Be a Level Up Creator for at least 2 months.
  • Meet the Monetization Eligibility Standards.
  • Stream from an eligible country.
  • Review what Facebook is looking for in a partner.
  • Have at least 3000 engaged followers.
  • Earn at least $2000 in stars.
  • Maintain 3000+ engaged followers for at least 30 days in a 60 day period.

When you have managed to do all this, you can apply to be a Facebook Gaming Partner so you can get the badge. So Facebook is looking for creators that have a good engagement but can also keep this engagement up.

What is Facebook looking for in a partner?

Of course, every streamer is unique in their own way, but Facebook Gaming is looking for content creators with some common traits to become partners.

  • Consistent performance with engaged followers and stars received.
  • Streams often and consistently tag the correct game for their live stream.
  • Promotes positivity and an inclusive community.
  • Plays fair and adheres to Community standards.
  • Adheres to Facebook’s terms of service and partner monetization policies.
  • Streams from an eligible country or region.
  • Must be the legal age of the majority where you reside.


Being a Facebook Gaming Partner also gives you various benefits.

  • All of the benefits that are listed above with the Level Up program. However, where a Level Up creator would need to hit certain criteria, a partner would not.
  • Users are able to gift subscriptions to other members.
  • You can use branded content.
  • You get gaming support for any issue.
  • Early access to new features.
  • You will get a Partner badge on your page.
  • Users can gift subscriptions to the community.
  • You are able to use chatbots provided by Facebook.


If you want to make money on Facebook as a partner, you should mostly focus on having users that engage with your content; so make posts that trigger engagement. And in no time you will be able to also have that Facebook Gaming partner badge on your page.

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Onyxia is a content creator college student from the Netherlands, who recently got into streaming. She loves to share her knowledge and love for writing and streaming with people and is also passionate about building an understanding and open-minded community.

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