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Epidemic Sound Review

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In the scary world of DMCA takedowns, many copyright-free music services have been gaining popularity among streamers and content creators. In this article, we will be reviewing one such service: Epidemic Sound.

Is Epidemic Sound Safe? 

Epidemic Sound is a royalty-free music subscription service that offers around 32,000 unique songs. The company was formed in 2009 and is one of the largest providers of background music on the market. Epidemic Sound is trusted by users and composers alike with half the revenue the company generates going back to creators.

Can You Use Epidemic Sound For free?

Epidemic Sound is a paid platform but does offer a 30-day free trial available to those who want to try out the service before committing to payment. Epidemic’s monthly fee after the trial is USD $15/month, offering a wide assortment of background music for public spaces, Youtubers streamers, video editors, and even podcast creators!

On top of this, an Epidemic Sound subscription also provides access to 60,000 royalty-free sound effects that you can use for alerts, notifications, and anything else you can think of! Once you start your trial or purchase a license, you are free to use the songs and sound effects as much as you like (until the license expires) without the fear of getting a copyright strike.

First Impressions of Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound has a vast library of soundtracks. Categories include Gaming, Cinematic, Hip Hop, Sports, and more! Songs are nicely separated into playlists to fit any type of mood that you are going for, whether it be hyping up the stream for a big event or winding down with some relaxing gameplay.

You are also able to create your own playlists and even download the audio files for each song! On top of this, Epidemic allows you to add/remove individual instruments from tracks, meaning you can break up a song and change the feeling of the track as you please.

Pros and Cons of Epidemic Sound


  • Uniqueness: Epidemic Sound offers genuinely unique sounding music that will differentiate the content that you are producing from other creators.
  • Quality: Each and every song in the Epidemic Sound library is produced with extremely high quality, matching their relevant genre very well
  • Variety: There are over 170 genres for you to pick and choose from!
  • Number of Tracks: The insanely large number of tracks, combined with the fact that new music is constantly being created and added to the Epidemic Sound library means that you will find it very hard to run out of songs to use in your content, even in the long term.
  • User Friendly: The website is very easy to navigate, and comes with a search bar if you cannot find what you are looking for
  • 30 Day Free Trial: Having a 30-day free trial allows anyone who may still be sitting on the fence as to whether or not they should join Epidemic Sound to get a taste for using it. You can try it out for yourself and see if it is for you!


  • Subscription Costs: The cost of USD $15/Month can be a big deterrent for potential subscribers, and whilst many people might find that the benefits of the service outweigh this cost, it is worth considering on an individual basis if this pricing is right for you
  • Subscription-Only Access: You are only able to access the content whilst you have an active subscription. This means that once your subscription is expired, you are no longer able to use Epidemic Sound to create content unless you renew the subscription
  • Lack of Vocals: Most songs in the Epidemic Sound Library are made with the purpose of being background music. Whilst this is likely what most people are looking for in the service, others may be disappointed to find that there are very few songs with vocals compared to the amount of background music. There are still a decent amount of vocal songs, just not nearly as many as there are background music tracks.


I would highly recommend that anyone who is looking for royalty free music gets a free trial with Epidemic Sound! They offer an amazing music streaming service that will ensure you do not receive copyright strikes on any content you create, with tens of thousands of unique songs at an amazing quality. After the trial you can determine if it would be worth it for you to continue with your subscription. Happy streaming!

About the Author


Brodie is an Australian University Student with a passion for gaming! He is also a Twitch streamer at PMDkat where he plays a variety of games!

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