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Creative Ways to Use Your Twitch Banner

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Your Twitch Banner doesn’t get much attention. While mobile users will see it occasionally while using your channel, they will only see a portion of it. Desktop users must click on your avatar to see it and most of your viewers never will.

With that knowledge, it is easy to just upload something as a filler without any extra thought (and that is a totally fine thing to do), but what if you could do something more? This post will give you six ideas on how you can use your Twitch banner in a creative way to generate interaction with your viewers.

Hide Easter Eggs on Your Twitch Banner

Use it to hide easter eggs about important moments of your life. Have a personal announcement you want to share with people? Put it in your profile banner and wait until someone notices (if you have a large enough following, someone should notice). 

This is a fun and unique way to share your announcement and people will be more likely to check your profile in the future. Periodically change it with another announcement or one of our other ideas. 

Post Jokes or Memes on Your Twitch Banner

When designing your Twitch banner, keep a space where you can write out a joke. If you are working with a designer, ask them for an editable file-type for this purpose. 

While you will need to create a new file every time you do this, if you have the original graphic, it can be done easily enough. Upload a new Twitch banner periodically with the joke. 

If you create memes (especially memes about your channel or your community) add them to your banner. As more people discover that you are periodically changing them, more will check. It will become a part of your community’s culture and naturally generate conversation in your chat. 

Be Artistically Creative with Your Twitch Banner

One of my personal favorite Twitch banners is Danucd’s banner, which is simply rabbit ears created in the style of her brand. 

Danucd banner

The reason I enjoy it is because it is above her station (her TV-show, if you will) and, whether she planned for it or not, they remind me of the term often used for antennas placed on top of a television to pick up a stronger signal. 

There are many ways you can utilize this space to showcase your creativity. Remember to keep your images mobile-friendly as those followers will see it most often. 

Place Temporary Coupon Codes in Your Twitch Banner

If you sell products or services on another website, add a temporary coupon code to your Twitch banner. Not only will this let your Twitch viewers know about your merchandise, but you can also send people from your storefront to Twitch for your code. Some of them may follow you to check out your content (especially if it involves something similar to your merchandise). 

Periodically change the code to keep people returning to your channel. 

Put Giveaway Codes in Your Twitch Banner

If you want to randomly give away a code for a new game or a skin, put it in your Twitch banner. You can even let your viewers know so that they can race to open it and put in the new code before the competition. 

Alternatively, you can mix this idea with the easter egg idea and not let anyone know it is there until it is redeemed or someone brings it up in chat. 

Use Your Twitch Banner for Cross-Platform Socials

Similar to the jokes or memes idea, create content that can only be accessed if a viewer visits more than one platform. Write a riddle on Twitter and have the answer in your banner (or vise versa). 

You can also use your Twitch banner to create content that is shared with your Discord. Not only will this potentially help your Discord grow, but it will also generate some extra fun every time you change it. 


Don’t let your Twitch banner go to waste. There are a number of ways that it can be used to generate excitement on your channel or to direct others to your growing socials. The opportunities are endless.

About the Author


Luci is a novelist, freelance writer, and active blogger. A journalist at heart, she loves nothing more than interviewing the outliers of the gaming community who are blazing a trail with entertaining original content. When she’s not penning an article, coffee in hand, she can be found gearing her shieldmaiden or playing with her son at the beach.

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