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Can You Play 8d Audio on Twitch?

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Although the 8D audio effect has been used since the mid-1970s, it gained new traction in early 202o. Many people still see it as a new technology that allows you to experience music differently.

This post will cover what 8D audio is, whether or not you should stream it, and where you can find royalty-free 8D music for your Twitch stream.

What is 8D Audio?

8D audio is created in the editing stage of music production. While an artist can’t record the sound as it is heard, an editor can adjust the audio channels, adding effects and utilizing equalization techniques that will allow listeners to hear the recorded music differently when wearing headphones.

The effect of listening to 8D audio will allow you to feel as though the music is playing all around you. Many people who enjoy this audio can close their eyes and imagine that they are at a private concert.

Is 8D Audio and Binaural Beats the Same Thing?

While they aren’t always marketed similarly and are technically different, 8D audio channels and those with binaural beats are essentially the same. Most people will experience the same effect by listening to this music.

What Type of 8D Audio Is Available?

Nearly any track can be re-edited into 8D audio, so you will find 8D music from every genre in the world. As the music industry realizes how popular the trend it, they are likely to release more tracks with this editing in the future.

Is 8D Audio Good For The Brain?

Since people experience 8D audio differently than they do other types of sound, some have wondered if it affects the brain. There is no indication that it hurts your brain in any way. Additionally, many neuro-divergent people feel as though listening to 8D audio or binaural beats actually improve their brain function.

That being said, if you find yourself having headaches while listening to it, you may want to look for something you personally enjoy more.

Royalty-Free 8D Audio for Twitch

You need to play royalty-free music when streaming on Twitch (or on any of the other streaming services, such as YouTube or Facebook Gaming). Even if it has been re-mastered for binaural beats, you could potentially get a strike if you don’t follow the DMCA rules on Twitch.

epidemic sounds genres

Fortunately, Epidemic Sound has a library of music, including music with binaural beats that will appeal to an audience. With an affordable monthly plan, streamers are able to download unlimited tracks from the platform to create playlists that will complement their channel theme.

If you are creating an ASMR stream, you may also be interested in Epidemic’s library of sounds that could add another layer of mirth to your audiences’ ears. You can try out this service for free for 30 days with Epidemic’s free trial, giving you the opportunity to add a lot of original value to your content.

Should You Stream 8D Music on Twitch?

Most people watch streams for gaming content, which may not always be the right fit for 8D music. That being said, if you are in a creativity genre, do ASMR, or play calming games, playing binaural beats may appeal to your audience.

Whether or not you stream 8D music should depend on your channel, your content strategy, and what appeals to your audience. If you choose to play this music, you may want to remind your viewers to use headphones when watching you.

Can You Play 8D Music in OBS Studio?

As with any other kind of royalty-free music, you will be able to play binaural beats through OBS Studio so that it will play on Twitch.


If you enjoy the sound of 8D audio, chances are that your community will enjoy it too. Just remember to remind them to wear headphones so they can truly experience it.

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